do u have to seperate males/females

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by budcrazy320, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. i do not now if i have to seperate female and male and i also do not now how to tell the difference
  2. yes you have to get rid of the males so they don't pollinatr the females and the best way to tell the sex is about a week or so into flowering (the lights on 12/12) you will start to notice 2 little white hairs coming from the base of each internode the males have little balls instead hope it helps try investing in a good grow book let us know more about your setup
  3. if u do a search on it, u will find great pics of male and females...

    males will show sex first then females.. at least take 2 weeks to sho preflowers....
  4. ill tell u what i did. i putt them ina cup in wet papertowel and let them sprout then planted them and watered them every day and i turn the light on alittel bet
  5. yeah, you can't tell till they get bigger, and you have the light schedule on 12/12, then about 7-10 days later, you'll be able to tell..........Peace out........Sid

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