Do trichomes look ready?

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  1. I've clearly done something wrong this flowering - the little shiit is over 17 weeks and only has 20% orange/red hairs. The picture with the amber trichs is off of a popcorn nug and the second is of the main big cola and there's a third pic of the over all plant. I honestly am running out of time with this plant, I have a massive 3+ ft across vegging indica that's ready to flower but can't because this plant won't ripen... help!

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  2. flush the plant throughly, it has alot of N (just on the verge of being too much, if they're well hydrated they're not supposed to have such frowning leaves, clawing)
    might be why it's taking more time... I had a couple that were clawing from genetics too, so it's also about knowing your plant
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  3. Another possibility might be wind burn, also slows the plant's growth

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