Do these leaves look healthy?

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  1. I have a plant and I am just wondering if these new leaves that are growing are looking good? I took the photos under white light from my phone so you can see the true colors. Thanks for any replies!

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  2. What kind of light and what is the distance from your plants tacoing leaves on the tall plant seem light heat stress while the little plants in the middle look healthy
  3. Heat stress...whats room temp? Canopy temp? Tent? Closet? Fans/filter?

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  4. I had two bulbs in there that were making my grow box about 89 degrees F so I took them out and replaced them with led lighting and my temp is about 82 degrees F. I have a fan at the top that is inside a hole in the grow box so it is sucking in fresh outside air then there’s a hole to allow the air to escape on the opposite side of the fan in the top of the grow box. I also have a fan on the bottom that is blowing the around the bottom of the pots. So I believe it could have been heat stress from the bulbs and I think that the LED lighting being cool will save the leaves and keep my plant look happy and healthy. I also have my lights about 24” above the top of the plants, I have about 450 wattage of LED lighting in the shades of blue and red with little white.
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  5. I think that will take care of your problem keep us updated on how things are going

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