do the lower leaves fall off during growing??

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  1. my ice clone is about 1ft (im tryin to let it grow more....bigger yield) and right now there is about 13 leafs on it....well the lowest leaf on the plant is now about 1/2 yellow, this is my 1st grow so i asked my girl about it (she has planted non weed plants) and she said thats normal for a plant "leaves fall off and die as the plant grows" --she said.

    is that true? it just got like that since yesterday (tips were a lil yellow though) im feeding it "shultz's liquid plat food (15-10-15 i think, dierwolf recommended it)

    is that plant sill ok? or should i start it on flowering? so i dont know how to post pics or i would....but id appreciate any help:D
  2. well if its the cotydlyns (probably not how you spell it) which are the first set of leaves that appeared on your plant (there round), then yes its natural for these to turn yellow and/or fall off, im not sure about the other ones
  3. First and foremost, the cotelydons only exist on plants started from seed. Thusly, if you have a clone, then the leaves shouldn't start falling off until flower, when the nutrients are being diverted to flowers instead of leaves.

    THUSLY, you should look into Greg Green's Grow Bible and find out what kind of nutrients you're missing from your soil. If it's old growth, that means it's probably nitrogen, simple and easy to solve. Add a bit of worm casting to your soil mix OR bat guano OR Blood Meal (Blood Meal is VERY strong and should be used with caution). Worm casting is your best bet and contains a good amount of nutrients that are less likely to burn your plants than chemical nutrients if small amounts are used.
  4. yeah this is the leaf (not cotelydons)..... wouldnt the plant food start giving it what it needs?? (10-15-10)

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