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Do stoned people make better lovers??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Question #1
    Do stoned people make better lovers..

    If you belive yes.. explain why..

    I believe they do..

    When stoned people seem not to care as much about performance.. This gives them more time to have fun!!

    Question #2

    If you belive no.. I must hear why!!!
  2. wow

    Edit: space resurved for when i can think of an answer that isnt mostly sloop because of my current high ass state... i luv tha king rasndeys
  3. [​IMG] and we even take time out for a smoke during sex [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Yeah having sex while stoned is an amazing feeling, i think they definitely make better lovers.
  5. naw i dont think stoned people make better lovers.............
    with that said .... theres nuthing wrong with being stoned and lovin.......
    but being with the right person makes you a better lover........
    stoned or dont worry about performance ya just do what feels good. ya know? elaborate more, but its early an i need coffee :)
  6. ehhhhh, sometimes females annoy me when im here tho;)

  7. Hahaha.. That would anoy me stoned or not....

    Now if you were poking me with kisses??? Thats hot!
  8. how do u poke someone with a kiss?

  9. If you have to ask, you wouldn't enjoy it ant way!:D
  10. I much prefer stoned sex to not stoned sex. Multiplies the fun.
  11. Absolutely! Stoners make better lovers! As highgirly420 said, lovers are more zoned in on one another.

    Drunks make lousy lovers!
  12. damn but why does it happen so much easier when you are drunk? That's the bad part - alcohol is the aphrodisiac that makes it happen in the first place, but pot makes it more fun.

    someone who has ample access to *get some* (unlike me right now =P), try going at it drunk and stoned and see if it is any good, lol. And report back to me. with the gory details.

    j/k on the details, heh. tmi and all that.
  13. well it happenes more when your drunk,... not because its an aphrodiasiac but because your drunk,....and well drunk people do stupid things, :D
    pot does make it more fun tho
  14. ive had sex stoned and it was GREAT! ive never been with a girl who was stoned though..i bet thats highgirly, hows it goin?
  15. There are many views you can follow....if u are stoned your body feels more tingley i guess you could say...but you get tired faster. Me personally being a female i like fucking on any substance as well as sober...I think when sober your more aware...if you know what i mean. ( shit i dont even know what i mean).
  16. i never get stoner boner probly bc im only smoking indica and i never feel like mating :) probly why inever get any ? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and all the girls around me arent fond of the buddah which is a MAJOR bummer i needa good stoner girl :)
  17. dont we all..... dont we all.....

  18. Hey, I was going to say that. Gr..

    I don't know from experience, but I would imagine it'd do nothing but make it better. Seems to make everything else better, so why not?


  19. i definatly agree with this. its like your just completly blown away. but back to the orig. question it depends on the people im with, but most of the time if im high id rather just cuddle on a big comfy couch

  20. me too

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