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Do Shrooms Go Bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Roasted Richard, May 16, 2009.

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  1. I just picked up two 1/8ths of some boomers today but i cant eat them for about 3 weeks. Do you magic mushrooms go bad over time? Will they lose their potency? Also, where/in what should i store them.

    Thanks, and i'll post more on the trip later.
  2. just store them some where dark and like room temp.
  3. Store them in a cool, dry area in a glass air-tight jar. You shouldn't worry about it then.
  4. store them in something airtight, like a mason jar or even one of those ziploc plastic tupperware containers
  5. i think you can put them in honey..
  6. cool dark place between 50-77 degrees f.
  7. cool as in the refrigerator? would that work? i am leaving my apartment for 3 weeks so the A/C will not be in and it might get pretty hot in their while i'm gone.
  8. The freezer works great
  9. lol, so freezer or fridge??
  10. they absolutely go bad. keep them in a cool dark place. you will get one hell of a bad stomach ache and nausea from rotten shrooms. hell plenty of people get that with perfectly legit ones. rotten ones are nasty as fuck.
  11. so i've heard "cool dark place" a few times. how cool are we talking here? can i just leave them in a closet in a mason jar? or put them in the fridge?

    i've been looking for shrooms for a while and i don't want to ruin this opportunity.
  12. I picked up an eigth....of a pound of them Haha Ill be posting pics later in my pick up thread
  13. Everyone is beating around the bush. Put them in your refridgerator right next to the milk in a mason jar. I wouldn't freeze it as in the freezer with the ice cream.
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