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Do Seeds Need Light To Sprout?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Typewritermonky, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. I have seeds that I germinated that are now in the soil in my indoor grow box with a little water they got, and I havn't had the light on. I planted them three days ago, do seeds need light to sprout?

    I tried searching GC and the web and couldn't find anything, would appreciate a straight answer, thanks.
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  2. nope. not at all.

    once they poke up out of the soil then yes.
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  3. Thank you.
  4. No. But...it's good that they get light as soon as possible, that's why many growers put the light on anyway, so that the light is there the moment theh sprout pops the top even if you're not.
  5. Mane ya got a lot of posts for a wierd question like that. And he is wrong they dont need light to germinate but they do need it to have a healthy sprout if you wait for it to poke out it will either never come in complete darkness or the sprout will look as white as white asparagus and will slow its photosynthesis and respiration down. Even though the light wont penetrate the soil the seed is only a quarter inch from the surface if they germinated three days ago and you dont have sprouts at all the reason is because there is no light...The seed will germinate and use gravity to tell what way is up and as soon as any light hits it it knows to start goin strong...light will get to the germinated plant before it visibly sprouts...and why wouldnt ya have the light on?
  6. If you germinate in your grow room having the lights on can make sure it stays nice and warm on your babies (not too close to the light) then when they pop the light will be there ready for them!
  7. Good points about heat. That's why some people leave their germinating seeds on top of the water heater. I just keep them in a drawer.
  8. I germ seeds ontop of my computer tower...
  9. Thanks everyone for your answers. I'm growing 12/12 from seed, so I put the lights on that schedule and two of the six plants sprouted.
  10. Also, another question. Does my light need to be directly above the plant? It's about three inches to the side of the plant, will that cause a problem?
  11. what light? type/size? What reflector?
  12. Reflective mylar (i think that's what its called) all over the walls, a HPS 120 watt, and there about 3 inches above the seedlings.

    Sorry I'm a beginner at indoor.
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    that is a smaller light, but 3" seems kind of close to me. I keep my 400's about 18"

    Is the reflector active air cooled (the reflective part around the bulb)???? or is the bulb open to the grow room????

    How are the plant top temps? That is key.... No burn with as little stretch as needed....

  14. I don't think so because I never heard that before. The bulb I guess would be open to the grow room, the two 90 watt bulbs I have are hooked into the circuit board I made so it would fit in my space, there is nothing sorrounding the bulbs that would cool them.

    But since my plant is on the lights off schedule atm, no worries yet.

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