Do rolling pappers expire?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeK1, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Thinking about buying a pack of 50 but would last me maybe 1/2 a year... (like to smoke bongs too.. gotta share =P)

    So, do they, and if so how long?

  2. I'm pretty sure they last forever, man. When I started smoking, I was too young to buy papers, so I had to make a single pack of 100 last for a long time. They lasted almost two years. Didn't have any problems with them.
  3. Yeah, they are flavored and shit so idk if that makes a difference or w/e... just seams like everything with flavor expires lol
  4. I'm pretty sure your straight dude. It's paper. And if you are that worried if they're expired or not, go out and buy another pack for $2.

    Happy toking.
  5. my dad still rolls with the same papers he bought in the 80s and still smoke the same pound. He gets high and it works, but i don't ever want to be a part of it.
  6. it's 16$ you fuck.


    But really... it's 16$ lol

  7. Wait, you're saying he smokes weed from the 80's????

    How is a pack of 50 papers $16? Or are you talking about a box of 50 packs of papers?
  8. wait how much do papers cost? 50 for 16 is cheap isnt it?
  9. Like 50 pieces of rolling paper, from one package? Dude, you can pick them up for $2-$5 at a gas station depending on the size/quality/flavor
  10. a pack of zigs 32 is 1-2 dollars? so maybe 6 for a hundred?
  11. 50 packs?
  12. lol wow papers are expensive in the US compared to here, i can get 4 packs of 50 zig zags for £1.
  13. LOL..... there just rice pulp.... and flavoring chemicals.... they should be fine longs there dry an cool. An OhFuhQ same, cause its a buck for 30 zigs here, so its pretty even for me.....
  14. yeah im seriouse...brown dried to hell 80's shwag.....i always feel bad and bring my nugs when we go golfing.

  15. Why would he do that? It doesn't even make any sense.
  16. I smell teen spirit all over this place today...

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