Do politicians even care about this country??

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  1. This is for all the American blades.I am seriously scared for the future of this country. Every day I am scared for my future and the future of my family. Obama can simply break the law with impunity and nobody cares. He is establishing a dictatorship for the future politicians to take over and attempting to establish gun control in our country. He has blatantly lied to Americans to our faces and destroyed our healthcare system, allowed Americans to die after hearing their cries for help, allows complete invasion of our privacy online and on the streets, and has shipped weapons to Mexican drug cartels that have gotten Border Patrol agents killed. Not to mention the countless other violations of our rights and the Constitution, while dismantling our economy and taking million dollar vacations every month. Now I have read that nearly 76% of Democrats and liberals support Hillary Clinton (who has no qualifications for being president) being a presidential candidate. She is only in politics because she married her Bill, who was another failure? How can the voters be so FUCKING STUPID???? Seriously. I don't support any parties and I know for a fact that Mitt Romney wouldn't have been any better. But do people not learn from or care about what King Obama is doing now? There is clearly a trend here. Hillary Clinton will not be any better and will probably be elected simply because she has a vagina. My point is, what is the ultimate agenda of these people? Do they want to destroy this former empire just like what happened to the Romans, Greeks, Mayans, etc? Have they sold their souls to the powers that be for a lifetime of power and greed? How far will they go? I am very scared for the future of my country and the intelligence of my fellow Americans. Please answer this question in the replies.What do you think the future holds for our once great country..?
  2. If hillary is elected would bill be the first husband? First guy to ever to be president and first husband...impressive... 

    To be honest I think were fucked, media sucks, politicians suck, theres never been any proven form of government that dosent at some point crumble, and history tends to repeat itself

    So i just sit back, watch the daily show and colbert report and enjoy the humor in the our sad state of politics
  3. Nope. They care about money.

    There are no poor polititians. They all take bribes from the corperations.

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  4. All great civilizations eventually either wither away, or are overtaken by the "barbarians at the gate." The US is no different despite all the flag-wavers saying we are somehow "exceptional." Most of the previous empires thought they were exceptional too.
    People typically turn to political solutions when they see their country slipping away. I used to also when I was younger; however now I see politics as the root of the problem.
    The American Empire was built on, and will destroy itself, because of political power and I don't think anyone can stop it. If there is a "solution," it is not to be found in politics, IMO.
  5. It probably would help if the American education system was a bit more exeptional and a bit less meh, because most Americans aren't aware of this, not saying everything up here in Canafa is perfect, nothing can be perfect, but still nonetheless you guys are kinda fucked xDSent from my C5306 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. How can they care when their masters don't care?
  7. Of course not
  8. That's the thing. But WHY do the masters not care?? Why would they want to destroy this country? It's not a matter of knowing WHAT they're doing. We already know it's happening. But WHY are they doing it. What do they accomplish out of it? Money? Power? Those won't mean anything once we fall. There has to be a greater reason that we don't know. That's what I want my fellow enlightened blades to answer. I honestly don't think anyone in the world has ever asked this question.
  9. Cause the 1% dont give a fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk
  10. Who exactly is the masters btw, im confused lol
  12. Politicians give less fucks than Honey Badgers.

    As long as their wallets are fat, the middle class could go extinct and they wouldnt shed a tear.

    ..... Too soon?
  13. Everyone here is about to complain politics but do nothing about it.  Complaining about it here and bringing it to our attention doesn't count.
  14. Lol, the genious has entered the politics forum, great contribution 
  15. Should i go waste my time standing out in front of the white house? 
  16. you do realize how politics work right?
  17. Of course , but i also realize when i enter a forum titled politics i expect there to be a debate between forum members on politics,

    Im interested in hearing how politics work from you though, please enlighten us, lets see what you learned in high school government class
  18. 'Masters' likely refers to the very small percentage of the nation that controls over 90% of the wealth. When you trace a corporate trail (meaning following major corporations up to the top figure) you will find that the hundreds media outlets are controlled by less than 10 individuals. Sitting above the CEO's of smaller corporations is a CEO that makes profit off multiple corporations and this ultimately leads up to a few very fucking rich individuals. Are all of them bad? No actually, some of them are more than willing to pay increased taxes to even out the wealth distribution, but that is a minority of the nations elite. Most of them only care about their own capital gain and do so by controlling the media, bribing politicians for deregulation, and outsourcing labor for profit.
  19. I don't remember shit.  I do know that we vote members in that change our laws and that is where it should start.  It doesn't start by bitching with no reason or explanation.  
  20. Ic thank you for helping me realize how politics work, so is it fixed by you complaining that were complaining? 

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