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Do pipes waste a lot of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 10, 2011.

  1. Bongs don't waste much and joints waste a lot. Do pipes waste a lot? like a glass pipe?

  2. Not at all unless you let the cherry burn when you're not inhaling.
  3. no they can conserve pretty well if u do it right
  4. From my expirience, Bongs are the best. They hardly waste anything. Pipes are sort of middle of the road. I really think it depends on how you smoke it. If you're expirienced, you can keep waste to a minimum. If you suck like me, then some gets wasted. It's much easier to smoke out of a bong.
  5. Probably one of the most efficient ways to smoke not counting vaporizers. Corner the bowl so the cherry doesn't waste it.
  6. They are good at conserving weed imo, just light it once to get a good cherry going and avoid torching it.
  7. No, it's basically the same thing as a bong, except it doesn't use water. With a pipe you can take a break between tokes; with joints and blunts, it keeps on burning.

    Oh, after hitting the pipe, cover the bowl with the lighter so it doesn't have oxygen to breathe on.
  8. no, I would say that a pipe wastes less weed than a bong tbh.
  9. Pipes are godly OP, less space consuming, plus you don't need to add water. The only thing i miss from my bong is the cool shapes they had lol.
  10. yea as long as you corner a bowl it will last a long time....i packed a medium size bowl one day made it last an hour :p and pretty much was hitting it the hole time.
  11. if you are conserned about conservation then you should get a vape
  12. Nope, you get the most hits out of your weed because you smoke everything you put in.
  13. Id use a hitter to conserve weed.

  14. damn was it a big bowl?
  15. pipes are the best to conserve weed on the go, a lot better than joints, but if your chilling and toking at home , use a bong, you get so stoned everytime from any size bowl, well thats just me. pipes and bongs are the way to go
  16. If you corner alittle at a time and suck untill their is no cherry it is just as conserving as a bong

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