Do percocets expire?

Discussion in 'General' started by timmyg, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. anybody know if percocets expire?

    the ones i have i\'ve had for a lil over a year

    and if they do expire what happens? make u sick? less strong?

  2. well, yes they do expire..and if they are expired they just pretty much won\'t work no matter how much you take
  3. Yes, they will. They\'re probably still good if they are a year old, however who knows how old they were when you got them.
  4. They weaken over time.

    But it takes a whole lot longer than the bottle says.

    They just slap those dates on there to encourage you to throw leftovers away.

    I\'ve taken hydrocodone that\'s been over two years old and gotten the same effects as if they were new.
  5. ^^^ but ive also taken valium that was expire by a year n did not do a damn thing so i guess it depends on what pill and the person takin it
  6. Yeah. I\'m not necessarily sure about the life of Benzos... but Painkillers will last a fair while.

    And I\'m sure it does indeed also depend on how the pill is stored and the person, ect. :smoking:
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