Do people wake you up at 4:20 am for the blunt?

Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Multiple times I have been awoken randomly by the homies tying to smoke a blunt at 4:20 am and its the best. 
    I was drunk passed out the other night and I woke up and I really don't remember how I woke up. All I remember is a blunt being passed to me while I was laying in my bed and the whole time I just chilled in my bed smoked a blunt and knocked out right after that. It was crucial though. I felt so shitty from being given way to many shots. 
    4:20 am blunts are the best. 

  2. When I was in college one of my room mates copied the scene from "How High" and woke me up by blasting "Du Haste" by Rammstein and waving a blunt in my face. Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  3. 4:20am, I'm at work. 4:20pm, I'm asleep.  :confused_2:
  4. Not anymore. Only thing that wakes me up that early is the cat wanting to be fed. 
  5. Any time is the right time to toke. I personally don't care about 4:20 or 4/20 except for the 4/20 events
  6. nah some nights i'll be up blazing until around then though
  7. The best? Why? Because you did it at a stoner approved time? Or because bandwagon?

    I smoke when I wanna get high. Fuck the rules on when
  8. going to vape up since its getting to be close to 420 somewhere
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    It sounds like you are missing out and need the 4:20 blunt. Its the best to be in bed woken up hungover/drunk and handed a blunt to smoke then fall asleep again. Why wouldn't that be the best? 4:20 doesn't matter but its some sort of ritual my friend does so thats the earliest in the morning I'll smoke. It's a blunt rolled for you and handed to you to smoke in your bed and you don't have to get up at all. 
  10. Not so much of wakin up at exactly 420 .. but still gettin awakened with a blunt passed to me .. before i got married .. i had babez wakin me up like that .. then when i'd hang with my fam my cousins woke me up like that like clockwork .. layin up in da bed clownin around watchin morning newz & shit just chillin ... thats the real wake & bake .. i still wake & bake only nobody doesnt wake me up with it bcuz wifey dont know how to roll .. ha ha ha
  11. fuck no.. nigga wake me up at 420 and youre getin smacked
  12. So you're more excited about the prerolled blunt vs 420. That I can comprehend
  13. super stoners wannabes really need to lighten up on the 420 crap
    its just a time of the day, it doesn't make you any more down with the system to smoke at 420
    anyways, if i was woken up at 420 to smoke, which i dont even do anymore, i would probably just fall back asleep for 8 more hours anyways, so it would be a waste.
  14. I think I've only blazed once at 4:20am, and that's because I couldn't sleep and was like ah hell why not. 
    Otherwise, I try and have my bong prepacked just for the occasion in the afternoon. 
  15. I probably end up smoking around 420 am. Used to at least. I do graveyard shift during the week so I'm not home at nights anymore. But I used to always have trouble sleeping and I'd be up later than that.

    I did make a 420pm and am smoking video last April 20th. Just for the holiday spirit.
  16. They fuckin' well better not. :cool:
  17. Only 4:20 I care about is the day, only because my birthday is the day after :smoking:
  18. No, but I'm totally doing this sometime this semester ha
  19. In my freshman year of college we resolved to get up at 4:20 AM on April 20th to begin the day, but it's never fun to wake up that early and it felt like the scummiest thing ever
  20. I know that feel! 

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