Do people simply go out and find jobs

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    What's your take? 

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    Fuck yea, show up with your work boots on.
    I have walked into places and was ready to go to work right this minute.
    If all you are doing is job hunting online then you could be missing out.
    My kids try bullshitting me " people don't hunt for work like that anymore!"
    Fuck if they dont..
  3. Who hasn't? And the majority of time, people don't look for work like that anymore. Grocery stores, stores,it's all basically online nowadays. The days where you see a "hiring" sign, and just walk in, talk to the manager, and they say "you're aboard!! welcome!" are  over. So it leaves me confused, sitting here, not really sure where to start. I guess more internet searching : P
  4. this is the answer youre looking for
  5. Corporations want you to do it online. That is true.
    Some small construction company who has no web site will want to see a human to make sure you are not a runt with arms like a chicken wing.
    i used to own a restaurant, and i hired more people who walked through the door than who applied by email.
    Face to face is a big deal for a small business..
  7. I did my application thru job service. I'm a fucking answering specialist..... Aka I answer phones all day :/
  8. I got my last two jobs through the internet.  But I've gotten more jobs because I walked in, applied or handed in a resume.  Times are certainly changing, I wouldn't be surprised to see this trend grow tremendously in the next 5-10 years.
  9. even if you apply online you should still go in in person.
  10. Found all the jobs I've ever had online, it's a good way to go about doing it.

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  11. I'm lucky I got a job from my brother
  12. The trades operate on that old school level. I've gotten every tradie job I've ever had because I knew a guy who knew a guy, or got to talking with some guy who happened to work on some site.
    I worked a job on an Outback cattle station after seeing it advertised on a motel bulletin board, and showing up to the farm with no resume and nothing but a backpack and the clothes on my back. Told him I was ready to start that minute and moved into the living quarters that afternoon. I wasn't exactly truthful in the 'interview' but I got the job done.
  13. Yeah I think I know what you mean, I went with a friend once who does horseshoes to a job, works by himself, has his own work truck/trailer with the furnace in the back. No logos or anything. And that's cool. You were a farmhand?
  14. Me too
    For a short time while travelling across the country. Very hard work, very brutal countryside, very rewarding time spent. You learn a lot about yourself when you take a job like that.
    Owning your own business would eliminate all the need for job search. I don't know much about the world of online searching - I've rarely had to do it. I much prefer the trades way, where it's about the work you produce. It's also easy to network because you work alongside a wide variety of different companies and people every day.
  16. Yeahh. You go out and apply everywhere. And go to labor ready... Find a job fast.

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  17.  :laughing:
  18. I was applying to places online left and right when I was looking for a job. Never got anything, not even an interview. However during those three months I made it a point to go to 5 places a day trying to get one. And I finally got one after three months. Applying online is useless in my opinion unless you are way over qualified and even then it isn't worth it.
    When you go in to a store you can make an impression, be funny, and other stuff like that.
  19. I own two stores and hired all 5 of my guys from face to face walk in interviews.

    Best employees ever to. All college kids basically

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  20. its tough, if you walk into a buisness and are offered work right away then you should really consider yourself lucky because it is not that easy.  You have to either know somebody in the business, be well qualified for the job, or be really persistent and not let them forget about your application.  

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