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Do people like Snoop Dogg stay high for long?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JeanRalphio, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. He has smoked massive amounts of weed for years now, surely he has to have a tolerance so large that getting high must last like 10 mins.

    Typo: *long
  2. Tolerance doesn't work like that... It's subjective to your own experiences... You ever smoke all day every day for an extended time? There's like no noticeable difference in tolerance the first week, week and a half. Somewhere after that you are gonna have to increase dosages. But even years of daily smoking will not make you immune to the effects. I've been dabbing basically every three hours for the past nine months and the only difference between now and before is that I don't get retardedly high anymore and can take a huge dab and get shit done.
  3. Basically what toaster said, my highs are manageable, instead of getting completely fucked... Though after an hour all I got left is some residual high...
  4. Even Snoop has to take an 8 hour t-break every day (sleeping). My philosophy is, the more sober you are, the more high you will get. All Snoop has to do is sleep and the next day he will be able to get high. Especially with the bud he probably has!
  5. I'm sure he also has A LOT of bud at his disposal, every day, so he can up the dosage as much as he wants.
  6. Yes, I I buy and ounce every few months of OG Kush, and smoke every day, all day towards the end I have to take a t break because I can only stay high for 30 minutes. I haven't been smoking frequently often, life, I usually smoke once every few weeks to months now, and that's enough for me to still get pretty high when I toast because of the breaks inbetween. If I was smoking every day, I would have an extremely high tolerance.
  7. I know Snoop tokes way more than me, however I consider myself a moderate smoker. (An ounce every two weeks) and my tolerance is for shit (annoyingly high). I have to vape the dankest Fire to stay longer than 40 minutes or so, and I swear dabbing only about an hour and a half. Aside from that if I'm smoking from my pipe or bong I'm usually only high a good 20-30 minutes.

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