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Do people have genuine love anymore?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by highfive24, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. What do you absolutely love to do??

    Ill start.... Play baseball :)
  2. Soccer, reading, and writing.
  3. Is that genuine love though? Aren't they just things you enjoy doing?

    In the past you enjoyed doing other things, in the future you may no longer enjoy doing these things at all. Isn't genuine love something that goes beyond what you happen to enjoy right now? Can it really be applied to something you simply do?
  4. To me, genuine love goes beyond the self. It is selfless, unconditional, gentle, giving, and cannot be demanded or held onto. It opens the heart, changes lives, heals, reveals the truth. It is full of joy and laughter, and never needs to be returned.

    It is not the word, nor does it need to be said in order to exist, but when it does, there is no mistaking it.

    Do people have genuine love anymore? Absolutely, they never really stopped. They don't always recognise it as such, but it is there if they choose to look for it.
  5. The thread title and the original post are complete opposites. Meh.
  6. Weed, sports and guns.
  7. What makes you think peoples love was more genuine in the past?
  8. I don't see this thread going anywhere ...
  9. It's a weed chill page. Chill. It don't have to
  10. Advertising and media didn't play such a huge role.
  11. First off, "It's a weed chill page; chill?" WTF? You basically gave nothing to discuss. Yyou're the OP, and as OP you have to give us something to discuss.

    Secondly: "Advertising and media didn't play such a huge part in human development, etc." Love can't be quantified. There! Your entire argument is destroyed. Now what? Advertising and media have actually brought attention to many important issues. Look at the PETA ads. Think of all the news stories, and then ask yourself, "Has everyone stopped caring?" Millions of people consume news and form opinions on a myriad of issues based on the information they're presented. Why would anyone read/watch news if they didn't care about anything?

    Your premise is lacking in reasoning.
  12. You see high five, there is something wrong with lonly, he's not happy until he gets someone angry through 'proving them wrong' and can't go through a day without a fight, he insults you before you even can understand why he got so serious and pissed off in the first place, and it catches everyone off guard, maybe he quit toking bud so he no longer knows how to chill, and no longer even understands the concept of chill.

    IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT, back off dude, this is another thread you're trying to kill?
  13. Secondly, here's a philosophy, keep your ego out of the discussion, OHHHH, NOW WHAT?

    Dude you get so seriously inclined to insults, that you just totally ruin your credibility, despite whatever logic you may think you have.

    Yes advertising and media has brought all the wrong attention to all the wrong problems. I don't see anyone working toward a better future, just trying to solve problems with more things that that cause more problems. Take it to the base root, and you got that it is man's intentions that are all wrong. Because we intend to solve problems with problem-causing solutions.
  14. Bros. chill for real. Smoke up or something. I thiught this place was for smoker just chill. Idc if it doesn't make sense and u really shouldn't either. ( I just finished a nice one...)
    Check it.

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  15. I'm sry if I hurt any ones feelings.. Lol
  16. Dude ur raging hard here XD
  17. love that weed
  18. Heard thatttttt
  19. this guy loves his music
    [ame=]Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era - YouTube[/ame]

  20. looks nice.

    i love metal music and breakdowns that give me the chills and make me feel like i could burst out into an aura of godliness \m/

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