Do our plants get sad?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by icky the noob, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Lets just say plants have a nose and can smell. Im pretty sure they either get mad or sad when they smell me smoking there friends/Family, but then i think maybe my plant didnt even know the chick im smoking. My plants did come from the same bagseed as my current stash though... Hmmmm

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  2. Soooo funny...
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  3. They did find that plants seem to do better if you play classical music

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  4. Hmmm...maybe they aspire to being smoked, like it's a rewarding afterlife or something.
  5. They say talking to your plants made them boost up. But i think that may have more to do with the release of carbon dioxide from your breath. So possibly there is an element to truth to that theory.

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  6. Nah, they are not sentient being.
  7. Not far fetched at all. We know that plants communicate in some symbiotic way in the wild right? Just like animals the plants know shit before you do.
  8. Other then smoke clogs the plants stomata so it's best not to expose them to smoke, I do not believe they otherwise care you're smoking their family

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