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  1. Should I cut these two tiny little innocent but maybe totally useless branches of this autoflowering glue gelato? We are talking about a very healthy 30days old plant that is not even flowering but is totally in his veg state, but it's a auto. So that's why I'm asking here.
    P.s. It's indoor now since is raining outside. She's a bit sad :( but last rain of the season!

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  2. There are all sorts of selective-clipping methods you can try, although I waited until the start of Week 5 (Day 35) to do any cutting.

    Its always worth it to experiment, to an extent. Im not sure what leaves you are referring to, but if its those bottom set of fan leaves and branches I would:

    -Trim off the fan leaves (the larger, wider leaves growing horizontally)
    -Leave the young branches (stems growing at a 45-degree angle).

    You could also even trim off the largest of your upper fan leaves, to get more sunlight to the lower branches and signal the plant to grow into a more shrubby form. But again, if it were me I would wait another 4 or 5 days after it has enjoyed a bit of sunshine.
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  3. Here is a pic of my autoflower at day 45. I did some selective trimming during week 2 and early week 6, and I'd like to think that has helped it grow into a more shrubby form. Its 90% indica so it grows that way naturally. 20190602_134027-1.jpg
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  4. G'day nice plant, but can you post a picture of the top of your plant. Im interested in the yellowing of those top leave's. Don't want to freak you out, but it looks out of place? :)

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