Do not consent to a search.

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    Fact is if the Police are determined to proceed, it doesn't matter if you consent or not. They get their way. Law enforcement always has a way of dealing with those who are deemed as uncooperative.

    Edit: Understand that more often than not Police are able to establish a basis of probable cause for a host of reasons given the nature and prevalence of the marijuana markets today. And, "Even if you have nothing to hide" is nonsense. If you really have no marijuana and have no traces in your blood, etc., the cops aren't exactly likely to fabricate or plant drugs on you to bust you. And if they would, then again your refusal of consent would do you little good anyway.
  2. [quote name='"Cuzin Red"']Fact is if the Police are determined to proceed, it doesn't matter if you consent or not. They get their way. Law enforcement always has a way of dealing with those who are deemed as uncooperative.[/quote]

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try to refuse to a search, you could always get lucky.
  3. Yeah, I think I'll just roll over and be a push over for the cops. :rolleyes:

    As soon as you make it easy for them, you are aiding fascism. Freedom ain't free. Be informed and do something besides bending over and grabbing your as.
  4. beware the furtive motion!
  5. So many need to get over the idea that the Police and what they represent amounts to "the enemy" that must be defeated. They only enforce the laws and don't write them. Sure some cops shouldn't be cops and are messed up about their objectives. But I've also known more than a few potheads who fit this profile and I'd have nothing to do with them. If you really are for legalization, the first step in gaining respect from those who don't agree is to quit with the typical stoner anti-cop mentality.
  6. You sound like a good nazi. :)

    Nobody needs to get over anything but thanks so much for your ever so well informed opinion. People do need to be educated as to what their rights are and how they are violated daily.

    And if you think the current cannabis laws are okay and that we should help police in their cannabis arrests then you are fascist in every sense of the word.
  7. over years, i've known and been friends with many in law enforcement. state and fed. they are just people like the rest of us. i've also had police ignore my weed on numerous occassions, pays not to look or act like a "dick" pardon the vernacular. one time i know that fish and game guy swiped my puna bud!
  8. cops are people. My daughter is one. ;)
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    And you sound more like part of the problem than the solution that is needed.
    A Nazi? Lol...

    Edit: Like I said there's many hypocrite smokers out there who I wouldn't give the time of day.
  10. I've personally known of more than a few more professional people who enjoy their smoke but the Police will more or less ignore or overlook because of their image profile. The pot isn't the problem, it's the bad attitudes and misdirected behavior of some that gets them busted more than some others. Though some on the other side encourage or provoke it, catering to such by responding only makes matters worse and serves to perpetuate the drug war psyche. My role models are Carl Sagan and Rick Steves for this reason.
  11. Another thing with not consenting. If they do break the rules to get their search or cause any problem, not consenting to a search will work in your favor in court, Always. Remember this.
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    Dude, thanks for the reminder. Very necessary thing. yeah I got a ticket for not using a right turn signal in a parking lot OH WELL I've never hurt any one (or come close) with my 144 HP 1987 asian car, the cop wanted to search my car and was identifying articles of stoner culture in it- "incense cones?" "chip wrapper?" What a lesson in CLEAN YOUR CAR

    edit- the officer was identifying stoner CD cases, Etc. for over five minutes. at first I consented verbally to the search because the officer stated he would not ticket me afterward and I did not want to pay $125. I was lucky the city requires they have the search form signed (not merely a verbal consent) it is a rich area so they "play by the book" and I did not sign the form. VERY LUCKY
  13. When the cops pull me over, I am super nice and cordial, but only because I realize that it is in my best interest to be this way. Yes sir. no sir. whatever. This has worked for me countless times. However, on the inside, Im calling them every name in the book. IMO, cops are bullies. I understand that some of them get into the business because they want to do the right thing and help people. I have been good friends with cops at times in my life. I thought those cops that I was friends with were quality human beings, but this is a very small percent. Probably 10 %. The rest enjoy seing you get into trouble. Somebody picked on them when they were a child and now their grown and their gonna teach all you cool kids a lesson. or they just enjoy being a bully. My uncle is a cop. He was a bully our entire lives. Ever since he was a kid, he's been a dick. Now as an adult, every christmas, I get to hear his stories about how he and his cop gang beat this person up or how he got away with doing something he shouldnt have with his fucking smerking grin.
    Cops are here to spoil the fun. Protect yourself, know the law, be cordial, but dont give them anything. Make them do their job and make them find it. This is your money and your freedom we're talking about here and they're here to take it away like the dicks that they are. trying to say stoners are the problem is rediculous. We are just living (in fear) the way we want and they are here to fuck with us because they are power hungry bullies who take pleasure in making your life hell.
  14. Man i was hanging out with a friend of mine and his little brother 1 night and we were getting wasted! Going to titty bars and raising hell and all kinds of shit!(early 20s lol) Well the night goes on and these two( my friend and his brother) were snorting coke all night. My friends little brother was on the couch coked out of his mind with his eyes rolled back in his head. About a month later I'm downtown with my girl and I c this same mother fucker that was just fucked up retarded on coke arresting a guy! Wtf!!!!

    Shit is crazy ! Bunch of hypocrites !
  15. as i posted earlier, people are only human. the world changes over time , technology, science,human behaviour pretty much is consistant. the only change we as humans can really make is in ourselves;)

  16. Didnt read your post but I agree. Just thought it was ironic!:)
  17. so its legal in CA but not in certain areas.. my homeboy last year had the cops to his house around 7 times last harvest time.. he never allowed them in his home or even bothered to show his script.. the cops kept going to the back fence and looking over then mailed him a city ordinance ticket once a week racking up like ten citations.. after all was said and done, he appeared at his court date, bundeled all the citations together, and had to pay a 1200 dollar fine.. not a bad price to pay to harvest 75 pounds in your backyard, lol.. ps you cannot go to jail or be placed on probation for breaking a city ordinance code.. never open the door to the cops, open a window and tell them they need a search warrant to be on ur property..
  18. of course trying to pry into someones detailed business to such detail might lead one to think you as suspect yourself my friend..
  19. that's what we call a weak troll son

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