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Do not buy from Dr. Chronic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Firev2, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I hope this is the appropriate forum.

    Today I got a call from my credit card company and they said someone in the UK was trying to make transactions on my credit card (which was not stolen, or given out to anyone EVER except to purchase the seeds online from Dr.chronic's site. I almost never use the CC in person, only for online buys).

    I'm positive Dr.chronic is the one making them, because his site/store is in the UK and all the transactions are either to UK stores, or online things. I live in Canada, there's no way someone could be using it in the UK unless I types it in online, while I did on his site to buy the seeds.

    Not to mention, I never got the seeds I bought. It's been almost a month and still nothing, while others are saying they got theirs in 12 days. I paid 60$ for nothing, and now my credit card is gone (atleast bank rejected his transactions and closed the account).

    dont purchase from his site ever. Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank

    Happy smoking friends [​IMG]
  2. Shit dude, I'm sure theres some way to get his ass reported for fraud. Call your bank, do some googling, thats credit card fraud man, he'll go to jail for that shit.
  3. I sent him an email saying that I STRONGLY hope it wasnt him and that they already know who it is and are investigating it. He'll go to jail for sure once they link it. I also asked where the fuck my seeds were.
  4. They can trace all of it back to him with his IP, unless he used a proxy, which I doubt since he tried to purchase multiple things. If he's as dumb as I think he is, and didn't at least try to hide his tracks, the websites will have IP logs of who bought it and that will lead right back to him. But yea, make sure your bank/credit card company knows whats going on, they'll definitely get involved and are probably your best bet, since they have departments usually dedicated to fraud and have a lot of resources. I hope that fucker gets caught, let us know if he does.

    Even if he did use a proxy, he would have had the items shipped to his own address, probably in his actual name. That's even more evidence that he attempted to buy shit, and the websites where he bought stuff from have all of that information. He's fucked already man.

    Thanks for the warning.
  5. What a fucked situation man. I hope you get your seeds and that fucker gets stuffed into the slammer where he will be violated by men wearing black and white stripey clothing.
  6. well if it makes you feel better, i ordered seeds and they got intercepted. So...we both don't have seeds is what im trying to say, your bank should also have fraud coverage if you opted for the 10 dollar a month insurance on the credit.
  7. I do have fraud insurance, whether it got intercepted or not it's pretty fucking lame that hes using my CC and I gotta wait another month for a new one now...
  8. tisk tisk tisk, your a naughty boy.
  9. "Not to mention, I never got the seeds I bought. It's been almost a month and still nothing, while others are saying they got theirs in 12 days." lol they're fake testimonials to sucker you in more.
  10. most of them were just normal looking people on grasscity saying they got them in that long. It's true that companies make names on forums to advertise but eh, what can you do right? Atleast he'll go to jail now :hello:
  11. If you have windows 7, if you click the lock beside the url of your site it will give you a list of info on how to determine if its legit. It hasn't failed me yet, although my room mate got his bank info stolen twice in like 4 months last year shopping online and hes pretty careful so maybe I'm just lucky.
  12. Attitude seedbank, flawless every time.
  13. Well i hope everything goes well for you then.
  14. #14 MastahRolla, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2011
    Sucks man...
    I doubt they can prosecute the dude over borders, but at least he did not getta spend your cash!

    As for the seeds....
    I am in a lucky position right now....
    A new friend of my (Kanaal van ganjacreator - YouTube) who is a seed cultivator and seller passed me tons of branches and shit from his grows.
    I have around 100 seeds, most of which have been claimed by my viewers on youtube(Kanaal van MastahRolla - YouTube), however I have 10-20 I am still willing to send out.
    If you goto my channel and watch some of my recent uploads you can see the strains he has shown me so far. Lime haze, Purple Otega, White Lights... Good strong strains!
    Why do you care? Your in Canada....
    Send me a message on my channel, and I will gladly help you out with 10 seeds.
    Happy smoking~!

    *sorry offer only valid to OP for his bad luck...
    *subscribe and watch videos for more upcoming seed give-aways
  15. Hey MastahRolla, can I have free seeds? I was thinking about buying seeds from The Dragon, but if you're giving away freebies, I'll save my money!!! They sell Ganja Creator seeds.

  16. Read!
  17. thanks Eastern. Back to buying them from The Dragon as planned.
  18. I agree, stay away from Dr. Chronic. He screwed me too. I was a loyal customer for many years but am done dealing with him. He only sent me part of an order. I've been waiting for six months for the rest! He used to have a phone number on his website, and I called him years ago with an issue. The phone number is gone, and he won't answer my e-mails. It's sad because he used to be a good vendor. Now he's just a piece of sh!t.

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