Do my housemates smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Emperortim21, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. So heres the deal, i just recently moved into a new house, well the main floor of it at least... we got a married couple maybe mid 20's living underneath us

    my question is, do they smoke, one time we were burning some incence and he same up n said it smelled like smoke n wanted to make sure we were there, and then another time he came up right after we had a huge sesh and asked us if we wanted his couches and then at the end he said that there was a nice aroma in our house, what do all u think... its a daily discussion at my house n i just now thought of bringing it up to u cuddies...
  2. maybe.. maybe not. thing is, i wouldn't risk it. the LAST thing you want are house mates that don't want you smoking, or for that matter, even KNOW you smoke. speculation never killed anyone, but if you push it you could be looking at some issues. for now, toke alone brother :D
  3. Yeah all of that could be coincidental. Use caution with this. Maybe outright ask him. But then again if he doesn't smoke, you wouldn't want to reveal that you do.
  4. Nah dude, if he doesn't, that could fuck you over hardcore.
  5. i think you should ask him. and if he says no just be like,oh me neither.
  6. Could raise suspicions, and that's not a good thing if it turns out that they don't.
  7. if he said it was a "nice aroma" right after you blazed, then yea i wouldnt doubt that they smoke. But to be safe, i wouldnt bring it up untill you get to know them a little better.

    o and you might wanna change what youre usertitle says, Mac Dreezy died in '04 not '07
  8. Just say you thought you noticed a weed like smell coming from their place, sort of jokingly. Opens up the topic without being too forward,
  9. you'll never know until ya ask, if their chill people normally then theres a chance.

    id just leave it, its not worth asking unless your, for the most part, confident that they do.
  10. Yeah, there's no harm in asking. They may get suspicious of you if you do ask, but fuck them. They can't prove shit, so just try and see what happens. Plus, they might not smoke and still be cool with you doing it. You just never know.
  11. yes the mac named dre did die in 04 but i want everyone to smoke a bleezie for him on the annivarsary of his death which is 11/1/07 but thats for lookin out for a blade, ne ways i think im gonna ask them up for a smoke n then if they like say we dont smoke weed ial b like no a cig or somethin i dunno, or we werethinkin about inviting them over n leaving a piece on a coffee table n see if they say nething
  12. yea im kinda coming to the conclusion that they dont smoke n dont give a shit if we do lol

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