Do My Babies Look Good?

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  1. Hey so Im sooooo new to this and I do not know if my babies are growing properly or not.  I used really really crap soil, I know I know, and I am use a cheap 500w light that you can buy at home depot for cheap.  These pictures are from today and they sprouted 5 days ago.  Any and all criticism and help is appreciated.    :hippie:
    \n\nOH and if anyone knows what the hell that lil sprout is in the pictures please let me know.  I do not have a clue what they could be but they are just popping up.


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  2. It is ALLLLLLLL in the soil...  the soil looks too thick.  If the roots cant get enough O2,  they wont be able to breath.  Soil that thick is difficult to drain.  It is like mud.  do your self a favor and buy some better grow mix.  They look okay for now,  but I can tell just from looking at the surface of the soil that it is not porous enough and is too wet.  Good luck though!
  3. soo should I just wait it out till they can be transplanted? Because I risk killing them now right.  Today I noticed some of the petals are becoming discolored. 

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