Do males grow like this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mbrown221, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. FD8D5D21-FDE0-402D-ADA2-BA5AF5EB0777.jpeg 8A95A70B-034B-4378-BC6D-7B35114B7A1F.jpeg 9E290A2E-4814-400D-B60B-0862ED5788D7.jpeg D0235A02-4C68-4326-A08F-92BBAC960847.jpeg just wondering if there’s like qualities or attributes that show up BEFORE preflowers or nodes!
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  2. Sometimes the lanky ones with be space between nodes can be a sign. But I also have learned that the plants that don't get in ur lights footprint will stretch! So just see what happens

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  3. No real way to tell until preflowers. There are certain clues, but they arent really accurate. Some people say crossed stipules indicate female, some say (as above) taller plants of the same variety indicate male. Only true method is to just wait til preflowers show.
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  4. Okay I gotcha! A shame there’s no detectable signs, I was wondering about the height too- those two there just shot up recently after upgrading the light, and one is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller then all the rest. Strange stuff :love-mj2:
  5. I figured as much, I certainly don’t want to go removing plants if I’m not totally sure. But! I couldn’t help but wonder! Thanks for the reply! These are 4 weeks and 3 days, so I assume I have about two weeks of waiting
  6. Some of my nicest looking plants ended up male, it to me seemed like they grow alot bigger quicker. I had just popped 5 seeds and the 2 makes were by far twice as big and nice as the females. But ya they were about 10 weeks old before I could tell for sure.
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  7. Yeah, exactly. I’m guessing that there’s no actual time frame, but a suggested one. All depends on growth, how fast it’s maturing and all that. I’m hoping by 6-8 weeks I could tell better!
  8. There is always the flipping the switch to a 12/12 and forcing them to start flowering, once there all showing signs of sex go back to the veg lighting your using, though this is risky due to the stress of the switching and a higher chance for them to hermi out. But your only gaining maybe a week of waiting, they may show in a week or so anyway.

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