do i use strait water ?????

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  1. hey just wondering if i use strait water inbetween feeds im switching top pot after useing areo
    im useing house and garden cocos + 25% perlite and shiva A+B and additives

    what im thinking is maby strait water will flush so only do that every few weeks if that i want to know for sure before i start
  2. the only instances i know of using straight water are: 1) so called flushing with bottled nutrients. and 2) water only soil mixes amended with everything plants need.
  3. Your plants are definantly gonna be thirsty in between them pure h2o (Ph balanced at 6.5) is expected and needed.

    If you're using Reverse osmosis water, do this with the understanding that you'll probably have to substitute for a lack of calcium / magnesium found in 'regular' water (Theres a product called Cal/Mag in specific).

    If using tap water....fill up a large container and allow it to sit out of overnight...also adding an air stone is a helpful option (Use the air stone when mixing your nutes to feed, mixes them up more and oxygenates then blend, your plants will love it).

    Best of luck :smoke:
  4. thanx for the info how many time do u feed/water per week if temp and hum is fine
  5. Sorry got banned for peoples ignorance, retrieved my old info to come back and answer your question...

    Feeding isn't on a set schedule, watch your plant and it will show signs that is indeed hungry, feed the day after you recognize these...

    The best way to know when to water is to physically pick up your pot, you can tell a difference between saturated and dry...or stick your fingers 2-3 in. under the surface ( At the side of the pot, don't wanna risk damaging roots, etc..) and if its slightly damp, wait till the next day to your best to let it run completely dry and catch it before damage begins..

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