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do i qualify for mmc?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yotopgun, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. as a teenager i was diagnosed as Bi-polar and manic depressive. They gave me such drugs as Lithium, paxil, prozak, doxipin, welbutrin and emipramine which i had overdosed on and almost died from when i was 15. i made the personal choice when i turned 18 not to use the drugs given to me by my phyciatrist, and instead have been using cannabis ever since with much success. most in my family would say even though they dont aprove of my smoking pot for legal reasons, they agree it has helped me to be a more stable member of society. thank you ahead of time for your input. i do have an apointment with a doc Thursday. i have no documentation proving i had ever been diagnosed. other then where the doctors office was located. it has been more then 12 years scince i was seen by a phyciatrist. I feel i have cannabis to thank as i havent had an episode ever since ive been using cannabis.

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    for the record i am 30yrs old now. am in perfect health, i don't smoke, and don't drink. i live in southern california.
  3. I would say your good to go.
  4. You should at least make an effort to get a record of your diagnosis if possible. If the psychiatrist who diagnosed you is still in practice, you may contact that psychiatrist and/or the office she or he was practicing in for your records. In lieu of that, any records of the prescription medication you were on in the past will help you.
  5. Most definitely.

    As the guy above me said, you are supposed to have records of your condition being treated. The more, the better, but given where you live it shouldn't be an issue.
  6. Thank you for the input. I am going to call them in the morning just to see if they had records dating back more then 15 years before i make the trip out there to obtain the records. I know there was at least 2 other places i had been for my issue within a 3 year period. but i can only remember 1 of them. hopefully they will still have my records. i will post an update to let you all know if i was aproved or not. i used MMEC to find the clinic local to me. from what i hear they are pretty reputable. here is there webpage.

    Medical Marijuana Cards, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana - Obtain your ID at MMEC

    also i havent found out yet and was wondering if someone could enlighten me. the cost of my card and evaluation is $150. do i still have to pay if they disqualify me for any reason? or is it pass or dont pay?
  7. Unfortunately you still have to pay. You are basically going in for an enhanced Dr.'s Appt. and still need to pay the Doctor for their time.
  8. I just got off the phone with MMEC. there telling me i wont pay if for some reason i dont qualify. i called clinic where i was a patient long ago. and they no longer have any of my medical records. so im gunna have to wing it and just talk to the doctor about my situation in hopes that he sympathises.
  9. That's the first time I've ever heard of anyone offering a don't qualify don't pay service. Interesting. That's good news though. :hello:
  10. I've actually read about this a few times on this forum.
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