do I need to trim?

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  1. Hello fellow blades,

    This is an auto blue-himalaya strain. Due to it being an auto it went into flowering before I could LST it across the entire flower bed, planning on doing better my next round. I cropped/topped it several times during the veg process. I'm about to start my 2nd week flowering soup next feeding and was curious about trimming.

    This is only my 2nd plant, my first is not 'finished' and I did not do much trimming/lst on the previous plant so it pretty much grew straight up (it's also not in a pc case like this one).

    all advice on trimming at this point is appreciated.


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  2. your not really supposed to top auto flowering plants but some people do keep me updated on how it went for you :) and as for trimming the leaves i wouldnt do it just stresses the plant and will result in a lower yield u could just tie down a few branches so the light is more evenly dispersed over the plant :)
  3. Yeah I have read about do's and don't with autoflowers. Only planning on using auto's inside this pc case while I grow the long term/bigger/normal strains in a clothes closet.

    am kinda doing my own testing with the autos, probably won't top/fimm my next one and just do LST with it.

    I have several zip ties in there right now keeping it down, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. the plant seems to be reacting well enough to put the leaves where it needs it. It's crazy how much faster this thing is growing compared to my other plant.

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