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Do i need to grind my weed before i roll it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassyhilz, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. So i have some weed, my pipe was smashed, and my friend gave me some papers and said to roll it in those. So i read that how to roll thread and i have the papers, i can make a filter out of like a business card (my friend said to tear a little strip off and it will work alright).. but i got no grinder.. is there another way i can grind it correctly? do i even need to grind it? my friend said dont bother cuz it just burns away faster when ground.
  2. use scissors and cut it up really fine.

    also watch this
    [ame=""]YouTube - How to Roll A Cig w/ a Bill[/ame]
  3. oh that dont look to hard, what about the filter though? is the whole business card thing aiight?
  4. not the whole thing, just cut a peice out of it

    watch the first part of this video. You can ignore the rolling part

    [ame=]YouTube - How to roll a joint with my card technique and add a filter/roach to the roll[/ame]
  5. also, when you use the dollar bill method, put the raoch in with the herb and roll it
  6. or just learn how to properly roll.

    Smoking a fine hand made joint with some bros is awesome.
  7. Alright, thanks bro :)
  8. if you're looking to getting into rolling, get a combo pack of tops tobacco and papers, regardless of whether you smoke cigs or not, for like $3 you can practice with 40 "joints". Save one, roll weed with that, smoke the herb... then practice rolling with the 39 others. :). Also, you can break apart the weed with your hands, do it over a paper or something to collect it and voila your fine. Just be careful not to squeeze too hard on the buds.
  9. It's a lot easier to roll with when grounded. And stated above it's easy to break up with your fingers, although I recommend using scissors aswell to get a better outcome.
  10. i don't get how you can roll a joint without grinding just smoking a nug??? :confused: either way, just find a good medium where its not ground up to a powder, because then it'll burn really fast, but still small enough to burn evenly.
  11. The filter is called a 'roach' :)
  12. I recommend getting a grinder. I just got a really metal grinder with a Kief catcher for $20. It makes rolling easier.
  13. Dont break up the weed with your fingers unless its your last resort, you'll lose some thc. and it doesnt get busted up that well. Use scissors or a coffe grinder
  14. I don't really recommend grinders because I just think they're a waste of money. but also I think somebody that's extremely new to weed/rolling could accidentally grind the weed up far too fine.

    what I do when I'm gonna roll a joint is break the bud(s) into several smaller pieces with my fingers, and then use tiny manicure scissors to cut it all up into pieces that are small enough for the joint.

    if you break/cut it up too small, it will be a little hard to roll and when you make a roach you gotta make sure they aren't too small cause they could get sucked out through the hole and into your mouth.

    also, if you've never rolled before and you're trying it for the first time, I recommend practicing with other things besides weed. try it first with tobacco, oregano etc. if you mess up and it goes everywhere, there's no waste:)
  15. Use scissors, they work fine

  16. then what do you call the left over of your joint after you vfinished smoking it? we call that the roach around here
  17. The "filter" is not a roach. It is called a crutch. The nub of blazed bud + crutch = roach
  18. Im surprised that nobody has suggested the shot glass. Get a standard shooter glass(shot glass, measure, etc..). The best kind of shot glass is the one used as a standard measure in bars, it has a wide mouth and tapers down to a narrow bottom. Place weed in shot glass, put scissors in and just keep cutting until its as fine or big as you want it. Fuckin easy, no mess, all weed stays together. Also, you can pour your busted up nug into your papers and roll instead of touching it with your fingers and wasting some of the crystal(what we call kief in Canada) sticking to your fingers. enjoy!
  19. Maybe in the US, everywhere else in the world calls it a roach. You don't call the remains of a smoked joint anything, you throw it the fuck away lol.

  20. thats a fucking waste man. save up all those roaches, after like 10 you roll a roach joint, get blazed as fuck.

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