Do i need odor control?

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  1. I have been on the forums researching quite a bit over the last few weeks, but i have been unable to come to a conclusion on a question i have. I plan to setup a 4' x 4' indoor tent and use led lighting with about 8 plants. I choose to do with led lighting because where is live the electrcity is expensive as well as the climate here is 86F-91F year round, so the reduced heat is what sld me on the LED idea. My major question would be if i need odor control with such a small setup? and if so, what method would be best?
  2. Yeah if you don't want odor to spread through out your domicile.
  3. t-5's are another great light. i'm not sold on the led's. depending on the strain, you will prob. need odor control. i'd say you'll prob. need something at a minimum to mask the odor anyway. ona works pretty good!
  4. carbon filter
  5. do you guys think i can get more than 8 plant in that tent with out affecting the individual yield of each plant?
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    Yield is dependant on your lighting theoretically your yield will be the same with any number of plants if your lighting is doesn't change.

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