Do i need more lights????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by noobgrower1, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. i have 4 27=100 watt cfls wit my 3 lovelys at 6500k do u think thats enough or should i get a couple more.. for flowering i am planning on useing 4 2700k cfls of the same wattage.. would that be enough for both stages???? i am growing in a 2x3x4 box
  2. The general consensus is 100w per plant. I'd say you should get at least 250w minimum for 3 plants.
  3. Your wattage will be okay for vegging. Okay - not great - just okay. You can always add more. For flowering, however, you're ganna want to beef it up as much as possible. For three plants, as majikijam said, you'll going to want to shoot for 250w. That'd be great if you can hit it.

    If you don't add more lights, your plants will still grow and flower just fine. However, under that amount of light, the plants won't perform anywhere near as well as they would if you added more light. Poor performance means less potent bud, and less bud overall.
  4. ok thanks for the in put... about how many lights should i have for flowering.. or even if i use what i got (4 27 watt 2700) for flowering and add about how many 40 watt bulbs???
  5. Well with 4x 27watt bulbs, you're right at the 100watt mark. Any more you add will only make your plant happier. Your only limiting factor is the heat, so add as many as you can without sending your temps skyrocketing.
  6. Target has 42w soft white 2700k bulbs for about $8 each, they also have a 5 pack 0f 23w 2700k bulbs for around $15

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