do i need a slap?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 1, 2002.


Do i need a slap?

  1. yes, *slap* you big girls blouse! a pasyfist? wots that?

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  2. yes, *slap* go get some sleep you fool!

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  3. yes, *slap* stop wasting our time with pointless polls!

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  4. no... but a kick up the arse wouldn't go a miss! *kick*

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  5. no, keep up the good work. but you could do with less preaching to the converted. no violence ness

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  6. no pasaphyst should ever be slapped as they are on the pure path.

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  1. please bear in mine i am a pasaphyst. i try not to even fight back anymore even if i were getting my but kiked as a symbol of non-violence. so think about that before you slap me.
  2. Too lazy to slap or kick you :p
  3. ah! when i was typing in the options i forgot one i had pre planned.... too stoned! argh!... oh well i guess i should get a slap for that... but alas i cannot slap myself for that is an act of violence. oh well.
  4. *slap*

    Now, slap me back so I'll go to sleep, too!!!
  5. thnx rmjl... i got some sleep cos of that. sorry ... u just gonna have to stay awake. i aint slapping anyone... well.. it is with your consent... nope... still cant bring myself to do it ... unless its in that other way ;) (and with a female, i hasten to add)
  6. Slap me, damnit!
  7. haha, kinky! ;)
  8. now bend over....
  9. ok ok.... for the future security of my masculinity an upper thigh slap must promptly be landed upon rmjl...


    k? ;)

  10. I will slap you if you need it! You will have to ask for it though.

    *slap* *slap* *slap* Woops got a little carried away.

    I still loves ya honey!
  11. I reckon a slap and a kick up the arse for having an avatar that looks like Chris Evans.
  12. Finally!

    You can be stubborn, Digit

    Bud Head, you got carried away? I don't think so. I think you just want me to slap you back.

    So, *SLAP, *SLAP, slappity, *SLAP

    I feel so violent now! Everybody should just slap the hell out of each other. It feels good!
  13. :D madness ensued. ;)
  14. Bud Head, you got carried away? I don't think so. I think you just want me to slap you back.

    Thanks sweetie I needed that. Can you do it again??????

    LOL critter and digit!
    at least when l come here, l relize l,am not the only crazy one.ha ha lol ha ha ha

    . madness ensued.
  15. Maaa,, polls freaaak me outttt, *looks around*



    .... AHH

  16. shit ... how could i have missed that before!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!

    hey dude, i look f*ck all like that ginger twatt!

    i take great insult to that.

  17. I hear ya. I just can't get worried about it. :p

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