Do i need a sitter?

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  1. Okay, so next week is prom, and my girl and i were thinking of taking some acid. now i've never done it before, and she has done it 3 times before.
    We're gonna be in a beach type of area for after prom (the hamptons.) idk if anyone really knows where that is, but whatever. but my question is do we really need a sitter? and if so, then do we need one for the whole entire time?
    im pretty excited. very excited actually to try it. Ive done E 2 times before and mj, but thats about it.
    Help me out fellow blades

    Much appreciated
  2. I've never needed one...if your woman is experienced, then you shouldn't either.
  3. alrighty. thanks. anyone else? just trying to gather some data lol
  4. Don't do it. Enjoy your prom, don't risk ruining it, plenty of people don't enjoy acid or it has ill effects. Do it the next night, or the next, or the next. I just don't get why you would want to trip for the first time at your prom.
  5. go rollin to prom.

    For the acid just have everything perfect.
    Get your room cleaned.
    Buy some good eats for when you come down.
    Set up a few comfortable spots around your house/backyard.
    Take care of anything troubling you so you can have a clear mind.
    And set aside a good 12 hours where you have no obligations.

    And no sitter just go through it yourself for the first time.
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    You should be fine without a sitter. Make sure you do it after the actual prom/dance is over :)

    If you have a really good friend that will be somewhat nearby while you two enjoy yourself, it never hurts to have that person keep an eyeball on you every now and then.
  7. Have fun, way better then my prom night I'll bet.
  8. i dont plan on tripping at prom. im gonna trip at after prom. like when we all go to where were staying for the weekend.

    and yeah im debating whether i should roll to prom ahah. it would probably be mad fun, but im rolling this weekend. so i dont wanna roll this weekend, then again prom and then trip after prom.
    Cali love- ill be sure to have a great time just for you ;) nohomo..

    thank you to all for your comments and helpin me out. im really psyched for tripping. i've been reading a lot of stories and stuff and i really just wanna do it already. i've wanted to for a while

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