Do I need a new grinder?

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  1. I've had my grinder since about December. Since then I've ground probably close to 6-7 zips in it, and I've probably gotten 2 pinkie nails worth of Kief. Is my Kief catcher just shitty or is this the normal amount of Kief?
  2. Either shitty grinder, or shitty weed.
    Or both.
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  3. Definitely not shitty weed most of the time, so most likely shitty grinder. Wouldn't surprise me, it came free with my pax2
  4. Hell yah your grinder is shit if you have good weed
    1 zip and my bottom is covered thick in thc

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  5. If it has a kief catcher it's hard to believe that 6 zips worth creates so little kief. Maybe try putting a coin in the screen or just freeze off your kief before grinding if you really want it.

    Solid Quarter gets me a bowls worth easily.
  6. Put a coin in the weed chamber and shake it a little bit... You'll be surprised how fast you'll make kief.
  7. Usually depends on my weed tbh... if I get some dry stuff like I buy in Colorado it's so dry it falls apart and pretty much turns to dust so the kief just piles down in the chamber... if it looks kind of clogged take a clean toothbrush to it real good. Or soak it In 99% ISO and dry the mixture on a Glass plate overnight and smoke. Be sure to rinse the grinder and dry.

    An oz of the dry stuff can give me a butt load of kief in the chamber without a coin and if it's some stickier weed I usually don't get much kief as it tends to hold to the bud pretty well.

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  8. My grinder is amazing, and you wouldn't believe it, but I just ordered some random ass grinder I found on the internet looking for non-aluminum grinders. Not only does this grinder unexpectedly grind to the perfect size (for me, nicely ground up), it also catches a good bit of kief fairly fast, especially with good dank!

    I expected it to be an eh-okay grinder when I first got it, but was much more pleased with it in the end.

    If you're interested.
  9. You don't seem particularly evil...
  10. It's more like a Dexter evil
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  11. An actor?
  12. Yea it's a tv show, sorry I was high as balls when I typed that. I'm evil when I need to be, and that usually isn't on a weed forum where everybody generally gets along:smoke:
  13. I use sharp snips and a shot glass. No keif aside from the frosty white coating on the inside of the shot glass.
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  14. you don't need a new grinder you need a pollen box or screen box . have the same problem with my very costly one space case holes are just to small and as plugged up I get zero lol till I move over to the box.
  15. Dry ice hash a few ounces, you'll have more kief than you know what to do with. I was amazed at how much I got the first time I tried it. Now I multiple half pint jars stuffed with it.
  16. :blush: I've never bought more than half an ounce at a time. Ever. Half an O lasts a month easily for me. I'll just grind it and let time build up my kief ;)
  17. wow 6-7 zips? My kief catcher would be overflowing from that amount in my grinder.
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  18. Anyone just stuff the bud in the bowl anymore? :GettingStoned:

    Never used a grinder. It's one of those new weed things that hang out in the rubber and glass case at the local convenience store. They also have butane torches, pocket knives and hats with pot leaves on them.
  19. i do that sometimes as we'll as grind weed for a joint by hand but grinder makes me feel better because less trichomes sticking to my fingers
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  20. it does have a Kief catcher, its a 4 layer grinder and from Ive gathered from this thread is that mine is a piece of shit. Doesn't surprise me, guess it's time to buy a new grinder¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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