Do I look gay?

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I just went down to the park to find some weed. So when I finally find a guy with some he tells me he's got dank shit that he's selling for $10 a blunt. (Damn hood dealers and selling blunt-size bags) He shows me one, and encourages me to smell it. I've gotten good at eyeballing and I guessed it at about a gram (it was a lil over according to my scale) and it smelled like a fucking box of fruity pebbles. :eek:

    Talk, talk, talk, and I get him to sell me two bags for $15. As he's walking away he goes, "Alright, my dude..... uhh... my bad... well....... you like women don't you?"

    "Yeah, who doesn't?" - me

    "Yeah, I knew it, my aunt is like that. She's a stud too.... she be pulling mad bitches......"

    LOL..... Here's a pic of me with what I had on then..... If you saw me walking down the street, would you assume I was gay??


    And don't talk about my myspace style pic.... I just took it for this thread and this is the best I could do.... lol......

    Maybe I should clean my mirror.......
  2. I guess.....:confused_2:

    LoL i don't reall know what to say to this
  3. In the most non insulting way, yes I would have assumed you to be a lesbian if you walked down the street like that.
  4. i dont care. . .

    and i dont want you to either

    (t shirt cant hide that rack though!)
  5. honey i would know you were but i am too so i got that good gaydar goin :wave:
    loves ya!!
  6. Not especialy... I wouldnt assume so without having some kind of a conversation with you.
  7. Its not insulting. I know how gay I am.


    I wouldn't ask for opinions if I didn't want them.

    And I never understood gay people who get offended when people say they look gay.... WTF!??

    That like me being insulted when people know I'm black...rofl
  8. you crack me up. i am never offended when people say i look gay. which they dont
    too often. my girlfriend doesnt though. anyway, be proud of who you are and strut
    that stuff!!!
  9. yeah..i would..but like pns..i too have awesome gaydar...its funny..i dont "look" like i like chikcks..but after guys start talkin to me and shit it clicks that..omg! i have even less a chance than i thot prior!! omfg!! lolz

    all my guy friends when we are all chillen..its funny, specially if its all the guys...and me...and someone new comes in..."oh! whos that? u mean that dude with tits over there? thats whoop ur ass if you give her reason play nice!" lolz guys that come over to drink have gotten warned by the other dudes on several occations...and they kno ill try to keep my peace as long as i if they see me bout to pop..theyll try to talk the dude away from me..its like..i did NOT come out to be hit treat me like one of the guys...plz..if i wanna get laid by me..youll kno
  10. skittlette ya crack me up lol
  11. yes

    i would assume you where a lesbian

    not being mean

    but that's just me

  12. No.

    I think you should lose the big hat though.
  13. ^ *beepbeepbeeep*

    my gaydars going nuts..... lol

    omg.. i ammm so high its ridiculous!

  14. I wouldn't assume you were anything.
  15. i'm not gay

    but i got a gaydar

    since i'm born in sf

    can't live here and not have one
  16. lmao..:hello::smoking:

  17. You don't like my hat?:(

    I like my hat...

    It matches my jeans... It demin with pinstripes.... I love pinstripes......

    It is big though... Its an 8, I wore those when i had long hair in a ponytail I could still wear it....

    Now, post-haircut, I wear 7 5/8, though since my hair is growing they fit a bit better.

    And plus I can hidfe my eyes if i want.
  18. i like the hat lol
  19. ha funniest thing ive seen in the 5 minutes of being awake.

    i wouldnt assume anything by the picture.. do you have "gay" speech patterns or anything?:p

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