Do i just not have an addictive personality?

Discussion in 'General' started by mc9391, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Well i was a freshman in college last fall. Basically at college i smoked cigs everyday all day, smoked weed all day everyday, and got drunk close to every night. (and if i wasnt drinking, i was high lol.) lets just say i was rarely sober i guess. But after i left campus for the summer, i just kinda stopped doin that stuff (except smoking mary jane but i have even toned that down now). I just started thinkin about this today, i know people are sposed to be addicted to cigs but i basically quit cold turkey and had no cravings for them whatsoever. Now i dont even smoke and find them kinda nasty actually. I quit drinking basically too (i drink maybe once a month now at the most) and i didnt find a problem with it. I mean i was borderline alcoholic at college. I know people that are addicted to cigs, and have family members that are alcoholics. Do some people just have addictive personalities and i dont or what? I would like your opinions on this grasscity.
  2. meh

    there are alot of things you could get into that you could get addicted to........

    give me one moth i can get you hooked dog
  3. I used to drink coffee all day every day. I just quit for no reason. But I can't quit cigs.
  4. for me i smoke cigs.. cant stop. i drank.. till i had a seizure. i started to go to the casino.. stop that (lost some won some). So i think i have a addictive personality.
  5. That sounds like a normal experience for a freshman in college.
  6. [quote name='"dudeimoncoke"']That sounds like a normal experience for a freshman in college.[/quote]

    QFT, sounds like you had your fun and got over it in time to take school seriously
  7. I used to smoke cigs and drink caffeine every day and quit cold turkey.
    They are just disgusting to me now. :/
  8. [quote name='"pearljamss"']I used to smoke cigs as well and quit cold turkey.
    They are just disgusting to me now. :/[/quote]

    That's awesome. I know a few people who recently quit who said the smell makes them want one. But people who quit 10+ years ago say the smell and thouht of them disgust them. How long after you quit them did you stop desiring them

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