Do I Have The Right To Be Mad At My Friend?

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    So heres the deal, my friend and I wanted to smoke with each other since we havent in a while, so I threw down 10 he through down 5, btw this bag was some high grade it was soo smelly. I usually get mids sometimes dank (no good connection). Also this guy has a really high tolerance, literally all he does is smoke blunts and joints to the face atleast 5 times a day. Me on the other hand, i have somewhat a low tolerance. So we roll up a big blunt, start chiefin on it (meamwhile we took like 3 bowl hits too) not even 6 hits on the blunt and im already baked, he asks if i want to hit more I say im good save the rest. He hits it like 5 more times, he ends up leavinhg tho he had too. He took rest of the blunt with him -.- i mean I put in 10, that blunt should of stayed with me right? Idk it sor of bothered me, so opinion on this? I wanted to atleast chill with him and laugh but all he did was leave. I even let him smoke at my house.
  2. Na

    You should man up next time doe

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  3. Yeah I would of kept it shit definatly if he just smoked and ran
  4. At most you prob had like 3-4 €/£/$ left in there, its not that big of an issue.

    But maybe speak up next time I donno lol

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  5. Yea he pulled a lil of a bitch move. Man up next time and say "no no no.....that stays here....."
  6. Yeah next time dont let him get way with that.
  7. Your friend sounds like a little bitch. He probably only took the blunt from you because he thought he could.
    And you let him.
    Next time man up
  8. i don't understand what you're upset about, you said you guys wanted to blaze together because you hadn't in awhile, you smoked a few bowls and half a blunt or so. and now you're pissy over a roach? a nasty blunt roach to boot. if it were me, and it bothered me like it does you (it wouldn't though, i'm pretty giving when it comes to herb and my friends), i would just tell the friend that next time, he's throwing in the $10 while you throw in $5.
    pissy over $5, and probably not even $5 worth of weed. :rolleyes:
  9. I'd stear clear from him if all he did was smoke and leave.
  10. You gotta learn to be a proper dick to neutralize his being an unnecessary dick.
  11. Next time dont tap out like a girl and you wont have this problem
  12. the problem is that you both put in. when that's the case, you gotta finish the blunt during the smoke session or else shit like this happens. you can't really complain tho, you let him walk away with the blunt
  13. if he keeps doing that shit then thats a problem. That was a sneaky move he did to just run off with your weed. He should have just asked you first bc thats what happens to me whenever I smoke with a group of friends. The last person with the roach should always ask if he should have it or not. Your friend seems kind of the sneaky type. You should be careful with him, cant trust all your friends man smh. 
  14. It's bad enough he smoked and ran but he took the rest of the blunt too? Some friend you got there.

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  15. Something similar to that happened to me once. I brought the grass and he brought some papers to teach me how to roll. He rolled it up perfectly, stuck it in his pocket, said bye, then left. I think we were both way too high to realize it was all my weed. But it was his paper, and it's not worth losing a friend over a stupid argument or something. If your friend keeps doing that though, then you know something's up and he's a greedy bitch. 
  16. You should of kept it I'm super generous lol so I just toss my buddy's buds for no reason.
  17. $15 worth of weed is one session. get over it....and it's a shitty blunt roach, the worst kind of roach. 
  18. Not an ideal situation, but ultimately it was only a few dollars worth of bud. You should let it slide, but next time you see him say something.
  19. I don't think so man you told him to save the rest, he easily could have interpreted it as you giving him the rest because you were baked and didn't want anymore
  20. Well he sounds like he has no manners but you should have said something

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