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Do I have enough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stealthslaya77, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    does that look like enough to roll 2 blunts and take some hits out of my bubbler?

    and we are talking medium blunts, not huge, not tiny.
  2. man, you will get WAY more high if you just pass the bub for a couple hours
  3. damn bro. looks like some decent dro. and yea bro thats enough for 2 good sized L's im geussing.. how dense is it.. thats wats gonna matter the most.
  4. I doubt it. Maybe a blunt, a joint, and some bub hits. But maybe you can get two blunts. Do you know what it weighs out to?
  5. well i know its around 2.5-2.8
    idk how much tho
  6. 1.2 is def enough for a small blunt.

  7. Well in that case you should be able to roll two nice 1g blunts and still have ~.5g left for bowl hits. Just start rolling the blunts, and if you dont have enough you can always just take it apart and smoke it all in bowls- no biggie.
  8. true.

    thanks everyone.
  9. Split in half, roll 2 blunts. Put roaches in the bowl.

  10. +rep for thinking outside the box.

    I vote this idea. Before that post I was going to just suggest the bub and 1 blunt.
  11. Best idea so far... That looks like some good bud too.
  12. "fuck blunts"
    there fun when you have more than an 8th, but when you bumming it hit your bubblers!
    blunts waste weed!
  13. waattt? .5 is enough for a blunt, pretty small, but 1.2 is not a small blunt..

  14. Nah. That's called a joint.
  15. a scale would help :)

    my blunts are at least grammers...

    yeah .5 ... thats a skimp blunt/or Joint. lol
  16. thats like almost 3 blunts

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