do i have a low alchol tolerance

Discussion in 'General' started by saltatious, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. i dont drink a lot, but wen i drink i aim to be retardedly fucked up!... so this one night a few weeks ago we went to my homies house and his dad has an expansive liquor collection, while i was in his house over the course of 2 hrs. i had 3 beers 2 shots of 100 proof liquor, 9-10 shots of scotch ( 80 proof ) and 2 shots of vodka ( 80 proof )... needless to say i was messed up, apparentially i sucked spilled soda out of a carpet, bit my friends finger ( he was trying to feed me penut butter ), made it " rain cheese-its" and i slept in the grass that night... the next day i was majorly fucked up for the rest of the day, so am i a lightweight?
  2. can't really tell by that amount... the scotch would be enough to get my pretty damn drunk and I don't consider myself a lightweight (I'm no "heavyweight" though).
  3. if this helps im about 6ft and 140 pounds
  4. nah not really, I'm about the same just a tiny bit heavier.

    Ya know about what amount you started to really feel it?

    But really, it doesn't matter. The whole lightweight thing is all an extension of the male ego and all that jazz...

  5. after the scotch i was sucking soda out from the carpet, so i guess thats wen, but i really dont remember the rest of the night, all i remember is a sharp pain in my stomach ( my friend kicked me in the grass to wake me up) and waking up in the grass
  6. yeah - pace yourself homie. you gotta take it slow til you get a feel for what you can handle. especially with hard likka.
    beer's a good starting point. you get to build a little tolerance and your body sorta keeps you from drinking too much to fast (to a certain extent) cause you'll feel full and shit. bottom line is.. im far from a light weight and i'd be buzzin pretty fuckin hard after doin that in 2 hours. but i'm only 170lbs so.. who knows
  7. ya, im a small guy and dont drink that much so i dunno
  8. Yeah I really can't answer your question then... ya just gotta take it slower and get an idea of about how many drinks it takes for you to get buzzed or drunk.
  9. have you ever heard of a 4 loko, after 2 of those id be mildly drunk
  10. Bummmmmp peeps
  11. Around 17 drinks? No, you aren't a lightweight. However, you're obviously lying about the amount of scotch you had because 17 drinks is a relatively large amount. If you're wondering whether or not you're a lightweight, you can't drink that much.

  12. lolll homie you dont needa bump 2 min after you post on it :laughing:
  13. im high... nuff said!
  14. yes, 17 is a lot... that is exactly why i dont remember anything and slept in the grass :D
  15. i forgot this, i did NOT vomit, i just wanted to get that out there
  16. Then what the fuck is this thread about?
  17. ^clearly its about his unnaturally high natural tolerance to booze :laughing:
  18. why did u make a thread about this? you just made it sound like your showin off tbh kid
  19. Ur a fuckin light weight! Just last night I had 4 shots of Vodka, 15 shots of Rum, 4 shots of 100 proof liqueur and then 5 beers over the course of an hour and I was barely buzzed!
  20. That was enough to get most people tanked.

    I never could figure out what the appeal of drinking too much is. I love a couple of pints of ale or glasses of wine, or a nice single malt scotch. Maybe even a few Mojitos or Margaritas on a hot Summer day. That being said, drinking so much at one time makes zero sense. It's rarely fun, it makes you feel like crap, you generally wind up acting like an ass or doing something else really stupid, and it kills literally millions of brain cells (unlike the lovely cannabis). We could go on about how horrible it is to your liver and heart, but no need.

    EDIT: The last time I got really really drunk I woke up in a Mexican jail cell. No lie :D

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