Do I Buy This Bong On IMPULSE?

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  1. Hey guys :)

    So I was browsin the web today and came across this


    $63 shipped

    Do I do it?

    You guys decide, first 10 poll results will conclude the purchase :)
  2. Impulse: to do without thinking

    Polling to find out whether you want it or not is not impulse buying

    EDIT: it's also a china bong, spend your money on a worthwhile piece :)
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    well the jokes on u! I ORDERED IT ALREADY!!!!!

    I can cancel it tho!

    edit: see this is why I made the thread!

  4. nonetheless, an impulse buyer would not have made this thread

    also, jokes on you, i give those percs 5 months of life if they are treated with the utmost of care.

  5. chill brah, no hate here on my end.

    Also, I made the thread so I could get advice like you give so I dont end up with junk... why u so mad!?
  6. Its better than acrylic
  7. Paymon, don't listen to him. For 63$, that's one helluva deal even if it is China glass. I don't own any China glass anymore but I can tell you that when I did, it got me by. Not everyone can afford a 350$ SG Stemline.
  8. Where'd you buy it? That's nice for $63.
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    ooof... I mean 60 bucks isnt bad but I bet those trees arent straight, I usually do impulse buys when I have a lot of money and because its a really sick piece of glass :smoking: Im sure youll enjoy it though... to each their own

  10. Thanks for the advice man, the thing is. Now I realized I woulden't know what to do with my current bong. I have a nice glass piece I got for $40 but its a bit smaller, not sure exactly what. I want a bigger one tho because the hits are too small for me now :(

  11. This is true.

    While it does seem to be a very good deal for 63 bucks, the fact of that matter is that those cheap closed tree percs are going to be draggy as hell.

    If I were going to pay $60 for a bong, I would rather get a slightly higher quality straight tube without percs and wait to get a percolated bong until I have the money to afford a quality percolated bong.

    But maybe that's just me. :p
  12. No your absolutely right. I am going to wait until either a quality bong comes to me or I have enough to spend on a better one.

    I have all this glass at home that I never use :(

    **EDIT** Since the poll came out 5/5, I will decide on the last vote. Which is pass :(

    thanks guys, appreciate it. (srs)
  13. Be careful with puttin water in that ac, my friend had one and if cleared to hard the water would splash up on the bud. Might just wanna leave it dry
  14. I think it's alright for $63. I'm just not a fan of more then one perc.
  15. I honestly didn't read all of the posts if you did/didn't get it, but if you did I wouldn't use the ash-catcher and one of the percs. Also, use less water than in the pictures.

    EDIT: It has ice pinches so if you use ice then I wouldn't fill any percs up and let the ice melt into the perc to fill it up.

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