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Do ever clean your TI nail?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by trixman22, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. I was curious if anyone ever cleans their TI nails? How often and with what?
  2. [quote name='"trixman22"']I was curious if anyone ever cleans their TI nails? How often and with what?[/quote]

  3. Never. Just burn off the claim and you're fine.
  4. Usually when ever I clean out my rigs I'll throw the to nail in some Iso and salt
  5. nah. no need to season over n over from what i hear. have had my ti nail for 4 months now n never have cleaned. works great.works fine
  6. I wipe the sticky stuff off the bottom of the nail with a paper towel or something. But I usually don't touch the head of the nail.
  7. When mine gets the white oxidation on it, I wipe it with iso to remove the stickiness and take the dremel tool and sand the white stuff out. Re-season and it's ready to use.
  8. I usually clean it with some iso once it starts getting really sticky, i get worried that the parts will get stuck together on my V3. What's "seasoning"?

  9. this made me LOL.....but it'll never get stuck 2gthr give it some light heat and BOOM its relased. Seasoning is when u take a huge glob of reclaim and heat up ur ti nail as you would and just dab that reclaim (DONT SMOKE THE SEASON SMOKE) After that you an start dabbing out of it normally. Im pretty fucked up so i most liekly didnt explain this well :hello:

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