do DMT now.

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  1. the best advice i can give any spiritual person is to get ahold of DMT. if you dont do this substace before you die yo are seriously missing out on a huge part of life and the potential spiritual possibilities that will be presented to you. its safe to call me a DMT advocate however it is not for the feeble minded or those who are looking to have fun or "trip balls". its seriously beyond tripping.
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    Man, me and my friend were just talking about this the other day, though we both havent taken it yet but are very intrigued by what its said to do. So im guessing you've tried it since you posted this, what exactly is the best and easiest plant or root bark to extract it from? Ive looked at a few guides on extracting DMT and they look confusing as hell but i really want to try it. Also, we were joking around about what it would be like to do DMT everyday like with cannabis:D shit would be insane.
    Oh and would it be safe going straight to DMT or should i try shrooms first?

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