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Do dealers tend to run dry in the Winter?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheTruthIsrael, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. In the uk, round my area weed goes extremely dry in the winter unless you travel to the main town parts where I pick up my oz's of dank chronic, then pack a couples a bowls and relax kick back.
  2. Where I'm from the dealers tend to go dry when they get raided.
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    Well since 99% of the outdoor weed grown is harvested in oct I find it impossible for there to be no weed 2 months later. That is when weed is at its cheapest the market is so flooded there is no way there is a shortage. Summer time is when things run dry unless u know some one that grew enough outdoor to last a year or grow indoor all season long.
  4. even if you harvest outdoor you'd harvest at the first frost so no, and there is always somebody growing indoors to supply pound after pound year round
  5. Out in cali we have meds all year but our good outdoor yeilds get harvested in fall. That makes winter have an abundance of all types of weed here which is what I look for because selection goes up as well as supply. So our dryest periods are now.
  6. Around my area winter is when all the high grade comes around,reggie/mids are a little bit harder to find,but why look for those in the first place?ha ha.
  7. Yeah during the winter it always seems the bud is a lot better here. I love winter season. :)
  8. I am wondering if this guy is from the southern hemisphere.
  9. Nah, just a lot more indoor in their supply.
  10. Yea i feel like the driest its been all year for me, is right now lol. end of the summer.
  11. I tend to get the most in winter but that is because I'm around more dealers in the winter but I.dunno.I.never have a shortage

  12. which is a good thing :smoke:

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