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do cigs get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ali20, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. i quit smoking cigs and i remember i used to just feel awful when I smoked but I do remember one time I got a little bit higher after smoking a cigarette after I smoked a blunt.

    i couldn't really tell that much of a difference because it was my first blunt in awhile so that likely got me much higher.

    wats ur experience? lol good night here just lit a bowl outside! :smoke:
  2. no they don't. Purely a nicotine buzz
  3. No.After blazing,when you have a cig it just gives you a nicotine buzz.Sometimes lot's of tobacco could fuck up your high,making you sick.

  4. I can believe that is true, but the reason I question it is that I smoke cigarettes (both high and sober, though a lot more when I'm high) and I notice that the intensity of the high after smoking a cigarette while stoned goes up FAR greater than what a nictotine buzz feels like sober after smoking a cigarette. My highs are not complete without a cigarette. The only thing I don't like about cigarettes while high is how the high lasts less time with a cigarette, but the intensity while the high is still around goes way up.
  5. It's just a nicotine buzz mixed with your cannabis high.
  6. nicotine is facked way to addictive never start that garbage no health benefits:p
  7. If you dont want to have a good buzz then go ahead and smoke a ciggy after you smoke bud, I smoke cigs and bud but i never smoke a cig when im high, proberly dont even smoke if i got bud, only when i have no bud do i smoke cigs.
  8. No.
    All they do is increase your heart rate and rushed the THC to your brain quicker with the aid of nicotine to also give you a more intense feeling for a few minutes, only because it makes the weed kick in sooner, just getting you to reach your peak sooner.
    I find that I get higher by Not smoking cigs after cuz they take me from the dazed stoned feeling to alert and more aware of my surroundings rather than off in my stoned daze.
    Plus they make your mouth taste like shit x100 with cottonmouth mixed.
    Cigs are so fucking gross, and it's sad cuz myths like these motivate kids to start smoking tobacco.

  9. You're not addicted to cigs.

    I agree that they makes the high shorter, albeit more intense for some time. Imo it's not that much of a boost, I'd prefer to smoke my cig before I toked up.
  10. get that head rush while your high and its fucked up and you feel kind of sick sometimes and then after its gone you just lose your high...

    if you want to smoke a cig have one before you blaze if not your just wasting it....
  11. I;ve had a cigar after smoking and it really just relaxed me. Gives you a slight buzz and calms you down.
  12. If you're addicted to cigs then yes, you're going to feel great!

    But don't be pressuring non cig-smokers into smoking after blazing it'll prob just make em sick or not do anything. Well I guess they could get that buzz but that only happens after you smoke a little bit.

    It's all about the nicotine lol.
  13. I don't think they get you higher, but they do add nice buzz for about 10 minutes. For me I roll weed and cigarette tobacco together, this really gives me the high I'm looking for. Then I have a cigarette after the spliff too. An hour later, even after your initial peak when you think your sober try a cig, this definitely picks up the high a little or atleast makes you rethink your sobriety.

    Personally, I'm a moderate cig (few packs a month) and weed smoker (2 grams a week), but without weed I cutback cigs almost completely. I don't really feel the cigarette buzz too much w/o the weed anymore. In the end though, I think its my favorite concoction, better than alcohol with weed and alcohol with cigs.
  14. Not really no. If you're not a heavy smoker, you'll get a nicotine buzz, but it's not really worth it. Take it from someone with a nicotine habit; knock that shit off, it's a bitch to quit.

    That's how I started smoking. A cig here or there when I was high, that progressed into smoking to help cover the smell of weed, then to smoking when I didn't have weed. Before I knew it, I was up to a completely unreasonable habit of a pack a day.

    I'm not saying nicotine addiction is a definite thing, some people can just smoke now and then. But honestly it's not good for you and it is a highly addictive substance.

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