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Do cigarettes/toxins/flesh of an animal hinder spiritual enlightenment?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Word, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I can't speak for everyone, but lately I've been pondering the removal of all external toxins from my body (within reason) and how it may help me attain a more centered self.

    Ideally, I'd like to survive without living off the flesh of another conscious being or pumping my body full of carcinogens (smoke) and other processed foods, because there comes a point where I feel it's bogged down not only my physical being, but every other plain of consciousness surrounding it. I feel as if I can't attain a completely spiritually and physically aware self with the havoc I put my body through on a daily basis.

    I feel the same about soft drinks/any liquid other than water. I read somewhere that water and water alone is the beverage of the enlightened one and it makes sense to me what with all the processing involved in almost everything else. Water is the purest form of liquid made available for consumption so it would make sense to me that a purer self is attained through it.

    Does anyone else feel hindered spiritually by the consumption of 'destructive' food/pills/smoke in their lives? If so, do you plan to change it?

    Or perhaps you've already changed your lifestyle, have you noticed a clearer frame of mind from it besides the already gratifying physically altering effects?

    Thanks! :wave:
  2. so are you gonna quit smokin weed cause its physically toxic to your body? damn hippies.....

  3. There are many methods to using cannabis other than smoking it son.
    But no, I was actually referring to the two packs I slam in a day.

    Peace and love and all that shit your way bro. :wave:
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    I totally get where you're coming from. Your goal is the same as mine, attaining the purest form of survival possible without the need of mass corporate bullshit products. If I had the knowledge and the resources I would try to be as self sustaining as possible, but that is not likely any time soon :(. On behalf of your question, I can relate to smoking. Now I never really had a major issue to begin with but as time flew by I went from one a week to 10 a day(that phase thankfully only lasted for a few days) and was feeling completely horrified that I sought pleasure from such a destructive activity, when instead a higher level of satisfaction can easily be achieved in a much less harmful way. I could say it definitely hindered all spiritual development just because of the nature of the drug. It really fucks with your priorities until you learn to control it. That and alcohol. As much as I love getting wasted with a group of friends you are only receiving temporary satisfaction that requires way too many 'prerequisites' in order to fully enjoy the effects of the drug. Im stickin to weed from now on. I have one last thing to say, a word of advice if it helps. Even with herb, smoking too often may lead to depersonalization basically to the point where you are never sure about anything and are too self conscious and kinda lost in your own little world. What really matters is when you smoke rather than the quantity. Makes a hell of a difference in your quality of life. Good luck in your future goals :smoke:

    Edit: Woops, I forgot to tell you the personal benefits of giving up the mentioned habits:p

    With food:
    I feel much more satisfied with a healthy meal both physically and mentally. Idk if it's a placebo effect of 'eating healthy' but I dont see why I shouldn't feel this way. No more heartburn at night either from excessive fats :D, which in turn gave me the freedom to turn down expensive as hell medication that I used to take. Paying attention to my diet is one of the best things I have done in a while.

    With cigs/alc:
    As I said before, your priorities become extremely alienated to the point where the only thing matters is how you're getting the next smoke/drink. You waste a lot of time contemplating such matters that could've been used, as suggested in the title for spiritual enlightenment. Overall, it's simply too much of a time sink(work for money, money for cigs, time to smoke cigs, taking extra measures to cover up smell etc...)
  5. thanks dude! :wave: been smoking for a while and haven't had any bouts with depersonalization, but good warning for people that can easily get consumed by it.
  6. ^^ I've gotten depersonalization...it freaked me the fuck out, I couldn't tell if anything was real or not and I felt like I didn't exist if that makes sense.

    Anway, OP i stopped smoking weed because of spiritual purposes. It made my life 100% better. You can think way more clearly and you definitely fell "purer". I've been meaning to change my diet drastically, but I don't have that much self control yet. I do, however, mostly only drink water because it's the only thing that actually taste good and quenches my thirst.

    Getting attached to anything is not good. If you feel pain if a certain item/activity/etc is taken away from you, then you should really consider cutting down on that certain thing. Getting attached to something is an illusion from the ego.
  7. It's not necessarily that meat is bad for you spiritually, although typically with spiritual development comes a love for all life where you feel bad/guilty for eating an animal that was killed. The main thing is that when an animal is killed for food, it feels a tremendous amount of terror, and these chemicals are pumped through it's body that you then consume. Also emotion leaves an impact on the body as well, but that's not quite "scientifically" plausible just yet other than what I said before. Also, it requires a lot more energy to digest meat, energy that could be going to higher purposes of attainment.

    Nicotine supposedly has an effect on clairvoyance/clair-anything in that it restricts them. It is said that mediums who cannot control their astral senses can shut them off temporarily by smoking a cigarette. I don't know how true this is, because Franz Bardon smoked like a chimney and drank tons of coffee in order to combat the effects of a bad thyroid which he inherited karmically when he displaced the soul of the one born as Franz Bardon, and yet he was still one of the most highly advanced Adepts known of in the 20th century. Then again he was just that, so I don't think nicotine would altogether "block" his ability.

    There is some value in psychotropic drugs, however one should not rely on them for spiritual development. The Hindu's have a drink called Soma, which is extremely hallucinogenic and allows one to experience the higher worlds, however the recipe for this is secret and it is only a temporary means. If one is earnestly seeking attainment it is best to quit all regular drug use. Certain drugs can be used as sort of milestone markers as a way to "bring everything full-circle", however one should not rely on anything but the Will to induce such states of revelation.
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    Word.(no pun intended given the name of OP :p). Moderation is key in all aspects of life. I just recovered from a minor pot obsession a few weeks ago and it did exactly what you described. Couldnt tell apart dreams from reality. Out of curiosity, do you practice any form of meditation? I find it helped a ton in releasing stress and things were much more logical to think through after a short session. As for diet, I'm afraid I can't help you there much since it relies mostly (correct me if Im wrong) on genetics, but don't get discouraged! Personally, for me it took actually seeing what the extremes of both ends are. Set a small goal for yourself, and keep at it until it becomes a (consciously made) habit. Repeat however many times desired :). Also simply taking a while to reflect upon what was actually going on inside my body (funny how little thought people really give to the complexity of our organs' functions) while indulging in a not so healthy meal set me straight for good. Best of luck in your future :hello:

    Very interesting post 1Trismegistus1. I had never given great attention to chemical imbalances in animals, especially such primitive ones such as fear. Now the issue with nicotine seems like a very personal thing. Perhaps 100% natural tobacco grown and harvested under proper conditions may yield a completely different result, but I can't speak for that myself. The reason I'm again addressing this topic is, first thing that came to mind were the indigenous peoples of North America, who are known to habitually smoke tobacco(of course what one sees in american movies may be a completely false portrayal of how they engaged in said activity) but I know at least that the substance was used precisely for spiritual connections with the earth and their specific gods(something along those lines) so that one is still up in the air...
  9. Thanks for reply. Is soma similar to yage/ayuhuasca or even moreso hallucinogenic?
    Without verging too far into the whole "discussion of other drugs" policy, I have some experience with hallucinogens but regretably didn't utilize them for spiritual development at the time I was experimenting.

    I'm sure something so powerful has to be reserved specially for spiritual rites/passages, correct?
  10. Hmm... I would say that you should drop the cigs... lean meats are great though for you fish and chicken.. I only drink water, 100% juices and whiskey... I consider myself a fairly enlightened individual maybe not spiritually but intellectually moreso as I fucking love books.

  11. Personally I think having a cigarette after eating a good steak and drinking beer a good thing (spare the toxins) To sacrafice enjoyable things in life to better the chances of enlightenment hinders your understanding of the now, the real stuff. People suffer for enlightenment only because it is unachievable.
  12. You, my Brother, have been enlightened! All that bullcrap food and preservatives in food will destroy your Body and Soul! Eat only from the Earth, I follow a "Lifestyle" that encourages Ital food. Ital is only pure food from the Earth. Some are vegans and some eat meat but no Shellfish or Pork. Also no Alcohol,Tobacco,or Milk. I found that eliminating these things from my Life increased Spirituality,Health, and overall Happiness! I havent smoked Herb for about 2 months but I would if I could! I hope you find the right change for yourself! Goodluck and Jah Bless:smoke:
  13. guess the indians and tribal people who have been smoking tobacco for millions of years have had it wrong the whole time
  14. If you find that enjoyable, nobody is stopping you from doing it. Everyone finds different things to be enjoyable to them according to personal tastes, so in the end it's simply a matter of preference. You are correct though, everyone is entitled to practice whatever they find desirable(within reason of course). But if you are saying that I am sacrificing for the sake of not smoking, truthfully it instead has the exact opposite effect on me as opposed to yourself. To each his own.:smoke:
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    gratifying physically altering effects?

    Isnt this grass city? :)
  16. You are correct. I believe its the Buddhist Monks who believe just that.

    Though I dont agree with the whole 'eating flesh hurts your soul' thing

  17. I don't think they were smoking camel crush back then.
  18. you could grow your own tobacco plants and smoke in a pipe. generally the same effect but all natural
  19. Respectfully, speaking under the assumption that you've unraveled everything there is to know about existence seems a little obnoxious to me. I don't claim to have the all answers, but I also don't claim that said answer doesn't exist simply because I don't understand it.

    Perhaps it's the way you perceive finding enlightenment/nirvana as a spur-of-the-moment epiphany type thing that just hits you one day and not as a perfectly developed state of being as a lot of others (including myself) do.
  20. I'm planning to do just that if I don't succeed in quitting by fall (n if I do i'll have awesome tobacco to sell). In the meantime I'm gettin one of those e-cigs. I'm not addicted to nicotine, cuz i've tried patches/gum/snuff and I still want to smoke, I even put 2 max strength patches on at a time, still wanted to smoke. I just like inhaling and exhaling smoke, the nicotine has nothin to do with it i don't think.

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