Do cigarettes increase your high??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SlayerOfTheGods, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Definitely, for me the nicotine buzz is amplified by the weed, and it increases your high in a special way. And if I'm really burnt out from earlier dope smokings I can smoke a cigarette and feel just fantastic for a couple minutes.
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  2. If thats the way you think it might happen...How long have you been smoking weed tho?
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  3. when I never really smoked I always thought that, now it does absolutely nothing. Prolly just the buzz from the cig if you don't smoke 'em much is what you're feeling.
  4. I love smoking cigs when i'm high, I actually quit cigs for awhile but now i only smoke them when i'm either high,drunk, or especially rolling:hello:
  5. I think it depends on the cigarette, and what cigarettes you normally smoke. Like if you're not used to NEWPORTS then you would probably get a nicotine buzz, like I did when I first started smoking. I started smoking cigarettes before I smoked weed so I really don't know for sure. Or maybe smoking a cigarette relieves stress, and this lack of stress makes you more relaxed and you just think you're higher.
    I don't know for sure.
  6. it's just the nicotine buzz and the high sort of feeding off each other i think, but i definitely get it. it only lasts as long as the nicotine buzz does though.
  7. yeah i always like to smoke a few cigarettes after i smoke weed, i think it does somewhat increase the high
  8. Nicotine Buzz,It makes my high intense/relaxing at once.
  9. I've wondered that for a while. I'll agree, I think they do, for a short period of time.
  10. yeah it adds some stimulation
  11. Pot makes my nose like bionic and able to smell unlit cigs. But as far as cigs go, if its the first cig in awhile (at least 8 hours) then it boosts me for about 10 minutes (the same amount of time a cig buzz lasts if i'm not high). Otherwise, it's more enjoyable than when sober, but it isn't helping the buzz. But seriously, when I blaze up, I can smell a pack of cigs 5 feet away.
  12. newports after toking is godly.
  13. Not for me since I'm stupid enough to smoke cigs when I'm sober. Tbh, I can't even finish a cigarette after I've had a joint. I'm aware that I've already smoked tobacco amongst the weed without a filter, so smoking a cigarette seems to be kind of pointless not to mention unhealthy.

    What's the maximum nicotine limit in the states? Over here Camels and DUNHILL have the strongest with 1MG nicotine.
  14. this is scientifically proven, learned from my hippie science teacher but anyway ONLY ALL- NATURAL cigs increase your high by a whopping 86%.[​IMG]( Cigs with additives, which is where you get all the chemicals, has a chemical that DEcreases your high by a bit but not too much to notice right away but your high will go away faster than before.)
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    i do not get buzzed of cigs no more so i dont know if my percent stays at 86% or goes down thrust(if you get buzzed of cigs) making you stay the same percent or more, (maby)not sure if this part is true but just some what of a theory
  16. Yeah man I agree. I think the herb just increases the head buzz you get from cigs. And in return, the cig buzz increases your head high. They play off one another nicely. But I only smoke cigs if I'm in the mood to. I'm not addicted to cigs, I just enjoy them casually when I'm in the mood....maybe 5 cigs per week.
  17. last night I was pretty high an I took a hit of rolling tobacco out of my personal bong an I felt like I was on opiates or some shit. I just sunk down in my computer chair and sat there doing nothing for like 5 minutes. I think the weed amplifies the buzz more than anyting

  18. I know one thing, smoking cigs after weed gives me the twisties, and not in a good way... Cotton mouth increases, couch lock increases, and I just want to stop spinning.
  19. Just the combination of being high and a nicotine buzz my friend.;)
  20. Well they definitely fuck me up more but I don't smoke cigs on a daily basis and some say it's the nicotine buzz that makes you think you're higher.
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