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Do Cfls run cooler?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Corn Man, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Alright so the actual question is do CFLs burn hotter than normal household bulbs.

    Why I ask is because I just ordered my seeds and they will be arriving two weeks before I move into my apartment so I set up your standard cheap closet grow, it's just a cardboard box with some cups and a fan blowing on it and a 240CFM blowing the air out the top. I can supply pics if needed. Well I am waiting to get my CFLs in the mail so I did a dry run with two 100W household bulbs and they were running the box a little hotter than I would have liked and the CFL bulbs I got were 60W straight up, 250W equivalent. I tried googling it but didn't get very far. So will the bulbs be cooler or more hot? I can get the temp down by just keeping them in the closet, but there is other stuff in there and I don't want the person I am living with to get upset, they know I grow, but they wouldn't want it all open around their stuff.
  2. You mean regular incandescent vs. CFLs?

  3. Yes. You also can't grow with incandescent bulbs.
  4. I know you can't grow with them, I was just doing a Mock test run to make sure the air movement was on point before putting the new seeds in there when I get them. I was just to impatient to wait for the new bulbs
  5. Watt per watt they produce far less heat - incandesecent bulbs produce light by getting hot - CFLs dont produce light this way - they excite a gas - Fluorine i believe???
  6. Very much but I ran 6 100w eq using spreaders to fit 2 mini cfl into one reflector. Also, you MUST order a few Ona jars and open them in grow area for smell since the entire grow area will smell like weed! Had fan running allowing 2" from leaves - though a few tip got brown. I swear by the cfl for apt closet grow. Easy on elect and heat!
    My 2 using cfl at day 30 in pic. Just began flower. Will post bud pics when ready.
    I'd send you my 6500k minis if I wasn't going to try a DNAs 60 day wonder. One of fastest from germ to harvest to date, hence 60 day.

    Info on 60 day wonder:
    Sex: Feminized
    Type: Indica & Sativa
    Flowering: Autoflowering
    Height: Medium
    Area: Indoor
    Genetics:\tWilliams Wonder x Ruderalis

  7. wow those are some nice plants Jack straw - respect mate
  8. Have you looked into odor controll especialy in flowering? Something you might want to look into since you have a roomate. Some plants can really stink in flowering.
  9. Sorry if I did imply well enough that they were only going to be in that closet for two weeks...
  10. Ah ok. 250 watt equivalent CFL`s will produce a decent amount of heat. I use T5`s for seedlings, clones and short term veg growth then switch over to a 1k MH for more veg growth if needed then HPS for flowering. How many 250 watt CFL`s are you going to be running?

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