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Do autoflowers stretch?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hornedfrog2000, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if they start to stretch out at around a certain number of weeks. Mine are just staying really small, but they're only 3-4 weeks old.
  2. ...plants that are too far away from the light source will stretch....short compact plants are a good thing bro. Happy growin!:wave:
  3. Plants that are switched to 12/12 stretch. I'm wondering if autos do this without going to 12/12.

  4. ...what? I switch to 12/12 from clones bro....no stretch here, I don't know who told you that....but....plants that are TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE LIGHT causes stretch....get it? ...got it? .....good.

  5. wrong......
    plants in flower do stretch ,they can double in size.
    im not sure about autos but YES they stretch once they start flowering.
  6. thats pretty much what i said i just didnt long wind it out lol
    but thanks for the research
  7. but stretch is also from having plant to far away from the light.

    i think the "stretch" from the first week or 2 of flower is more of a growth spurt.
  8. my lightsare never more than 3 inches from the topps of my plants and the " stretched" alot until the 4thish week of flower and never got any taller
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    so you had a 4 week stretch ...... got it :rolleyes:
  10. So does anyone know specifically about the autos stretching?
  11. I think its more of what the strain characteristics are
  12. ...that's called growing when they do that :rolleyes:....keep the light close to prevent any stretch'n....ya see?

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  13. I can tell you this, my autos are about 3 weeks into flowering and they're stretching like crazy,
    and it's not because the light is too far away )400 HPS at about 8-9 inches away) I don't dare
    put the lights any closer.
  14. Why are you bringing up a thread that's like almost 4 years old? These users are probably long gone..

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    Yes they go through the stretch just like photoperiod sensitive plants do. It starts at around week 3 or 4 and lasts until about week 6. 
    I don't know why people are arguing about semantics, it was quite clear what you were asking
    Dam, old thread 
  16. I know the thread is old Bros, but "I" found it looking for answers to a current question,
    and that means others will find it with more info than it had before (as supplied by myself and
    GoldGrower). That makes it a viable source of information to anyone searching this subject.
    If we all waited for only current answers from us potheads, we'd be likely waiting until the
    problems we are researching have already killed our plants :)
    Thanks guys
  17. Thats so weird. Anyone know why buddy who posted pictures of his SOG up above would use a SCroG net? I mean its not like its supporting anything..

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