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Do aspirins only help on lab drug tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokinbobmarley, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I've heard popping 4 aspirins can help create a negative result. Is this just for lab tests? Or home tests as well? Also, any final words on dipping the cup in toilet water? No blue dyes involved, just a basic test.
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  3. It would make it come out positive actually
  4. No sarcasm please. I wouldn't ask if I haven't heard otherwise. I saw the aspirin story on manswers and read online it can help. I'm just looking for feedback.
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    Wish I could. Unfortunately I'm at work :).
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    Go to cannabis drug tests. Aspirin is known to give false positives.
  7. Damn... Their tryna get us :x
  8. Alright, here is what you do, man! Works everytime, fuckin' golden plan here, man!

    First, get straight naked...Also see if you can get some sort of headband, doesn't matter if the fucker has stars or whatever on it. Alright, now sit in the restroom for about an hour, make sure you are naked and wearing your headband...Start grunting and slamming shit around, whatever you can find (don't worry, women love to clean so your mom will have a blast!)...When whoever runs in and finds your mental collapse occurring they won't even give a fuck if the test is negative.:cool:
  9. well, when is the test, and how long ago did you smoke?

    your best bet is to drink a shit-ton of water and gatorade, that is what I did. you can't flush the thc out of your system, only dilute your urine. research shit on the internet, but be careful. some people claim that niacin will help you, which it most likely doesn't. it's simply not worth it, it will make your skin red and burning.

    I was on probation for a year, and I smoked all through-out it (except for the first 4 months). they drug tested me every month, so I was just careful when I smoked. then, for several days before the test, I diluted the living shit out of my urine by drinking gatorade, water, as well as taking a couple diuretics here and there. water and a little bit of gatorade should be the only things you drink before the test. the day of the test drink nothing but water, and make sure you pee at least 4 to 5 times before taking the test.

    if I remember correctly, you can take vitamin B12 or something to color your urine yellow. but you'll have to look it up because I'm not sure. in the meantime, don't smoke anymore.

    you can also try some natural antioxidant/clensing teas.

    sorry I can't help much, I've been off probation since december :p

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