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Do ashes clog the sink?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by herny, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. After ive smoked lately i took the little shredded burnt herbs and washed it down the sink. lately though ive noticed the sink is slightly clogged. did the ashes/burnt pieces cause this?
  2. nah, ash just washes away with water
  3. i should say actually its the stuff from after vaping. not smoking.
  4. nope you're good. maybe something else clogged it. ?
  5. yea it could of been anything. and its not actually totally clogged, i just thought i noticed the water seemed to be going a bit slower than usual down the drain. whatever.
  6. Yeah, that's not gonna clog the drain. But, why you throwing the vaped bud away?!?!? It can still get you high my friend. You can either smoke it, bad taste, or make edibles out of it if you have enough!
  7. Why dont you unclog your sink and see if there is bud in there? then smoke it :smoke: jk jk
  8. if it was unclogged do you think the burnt ashes/burnt herb would be recognizable or would the water deteriorate it unrecognizable?

    and is it safe to flush shredded burnt herbs down the toilet or will that clog
  9. it would take alot of ash to clog a sink. unless youve been saving ash for months and decided to just dump it in your sink, even then i doubt it could happen

    and toilets are meant to handle massive shits, its fine lol
  10. Save that vaped bud!
  11. If you dump an entire ashtray into a dry sink, it CAN clog.
  12. im just talking about .08g of shredded, burnt herb

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