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Do any of you have siblings that have no idea what pot or pot accessories look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I was smoking a bong in my garage a while back with two of my friends, and we're baked, so we sit outside my garage, and just chill. About an hour later, my sister comes homes from school, and walks into the garage. She walks past a cig roller, a bong, bags of weed, a grinder, a jar full of other paraphernalia, and my pipe. She looks at it, and doesn't say a damn thing. And I've had some stanky ass weed when I've been home. I guess schools have a grand old time telling you weed is bad, but they don't show you anything about weed besides "marijuana cigarettes".

    Then about 3 weeks later, my mom almost walked in to an epic all day sesh. I never realized you could go from baked as bread to stone cold sober in the 30 seconds it takes for a garage door to open. Not to mention, in my rush to hide a bong and pipe, I spilled bong water and a 3/4 smoked bowl ALL OVER my floor. I still have no idea how my mom didn't figure out what we were doing.

    And before anyone asks, my parents are divorced, so my mom doesn't live with us. I had no idea she was coming.
  2. Hahaha I know about garage doors killing your high
  3. My little cousin saw me come from outside high as hell with a one hitter in my hand. I told his punk ass to shut the fuck up and to go watch tv. Not a single fuck was given that day.
  4. I'd still hide my pieces and weed after the session. I'd feel kind of shitty letting my oblivious brother walk by all of that.

    But yeah, that said, I leave my black four-piece grinder out and about because it's subtle enough to not raise any eyebrows. I hide my vapor genie, but I'm sure if I'd gotten the MFLB, I probably wouldn't have to hide it, not that I'm complaining.

    Edit: My little brother asked what I was doing with a lighter once. I killed the topic by telling him I ate the spare ice-cream in the fridge.
  5. i try to keep my shit away from my lil bros but theyve all seen the pipes my dad has found in my room over the years lol.
  6. My cousins who is about a year or so younger then me and the other is six was at my house a few summers ago and the 6 year old found an old wooden pipe my friend gave to me when i first started. he was looking at it and playing with it and when i came into my room he said.
    "whats this?"
    i just stood there and was like "smoking"
    "ooh like toacco"
    "yeah tobacco"
  7. My sister in the 7th grade spotted my bong and described it to my parents who asked me why I had a bong. Have no clue how she could describe a little bong to where my parents would actually know what she is talking about.
  8. I have a younger brother who knows what marijuana is, but he doesnt understand much about it. Keep in mind he just turned 13. But from my knowledge he is still in the stage where he thinks weed is bad and gross and shit. Anyways he doesnt smoke, and he probably doesnt know that i do either. It kind of sucks but Im totally down to burn with him once he has a desire too
  9. Once I needed some new ID photos and my sister (photographer) was bugging me about taking some pictures of me. I was playing counterstrike source and was so deep into my game that I didnt realise I left all my papers, grinder, and my stash directly on the table. She was behind me talking to me about getting my pic whilst my eyes was still glued to the screen :p we must have been talking for a good 5 minutes before she left my room. I then looked at the table and realised how lucky I am that my sister has no idea about weed and she dismissed it as some junk on my table.

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