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Do all dicks taste the same?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Cheating Death, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. or what do they taste like? im not gay but that question popped in my head after watching porno.
  2. dude.
  3. taste like chicken! doesnt everything?:confused::confused:
  4. there is only one way to find out :rolleyes:
  5. "I'm not gay, but I'm really curious as to how a dick taste"

    Don't think I've ever thought of these things. Along with threads like "how big is your dick" posting in threads like that, or making threads like this lead people to assume you're gay.

  6. I don't think having a thought about something makes you gay / homosexual. Curious, yes, but there's nothing wrong with curiosity.

    To answer your question - Yes, IMO taste varies from person to person. :smoke:
  7. No biggy dude, being curious is a blessing. The only gay people are men who like men.
    Not the ones who are curious about dicks and how they taste to those who tasted it.

    Ive wondered the same.
    Since Ive only tasted (and loved) just one pussy in my life I wondered if they all taste the same. But it almost can't be.
    Everyones different, ladies and guys. So I assume they all taste a lil different.

  8. are you a spy or something? i really dont care if u think im gay or not because i dont now u.
  9. when i wrote this i was thinking about that too,
    haha i was just wondering
  10. wtf is this. if they don't taste the same then someone forgot to wash before getting their dick sucked. it just makes sense to me. for example, all pussy taste the same. if it doesn't then you shouldn't be with that chick anyway, bad hygiene!
  11. I was just saying when you say things like "I sucked a dick - no homo/im not gay" still makes you gay.
  12. ROTFLMAO!!! That's like saying every single person has the same scent/smell :laughing: Body chemistry, foods that you eat, etc...all play a part in taste / scent too, not just hygiene ;)

    So, to say that every dick / pussy tastes the same is false :p
  13. dude, the dick is skin! the fact still holds, if the skin tastes different from your skin, then someone did not wash up. Thats all to it.

    You make it sound like the dick is something that can have a distinct smell from person to person.

    That would be like saying my knee tastes differently then your knee because i have different body chemistry. Come on.
  14. This is true, skin taste vary person to person and not to mention genetics, everyone is different think of people with skin problems you think they taste the same even with fungi and shit? no just saying science is not as simple as yes or no or all the same shit is different

  15. Dude! I'm not a dude! :p

    Although hygiene may play a part in taste /smell, that's not the whole of it.

    Your skin would definitely taste different then my skin because of body chemistry...wouldn't matter if we both just stepped out of the shower and used the same soap...LOL! I'm not going to continue to go back and forth with you - you've got a surprise coming your way the day you realize/experience that everyone has a different taste :smoke:
  16. Everyone tastes different.

    To think otherwise would be illogical.
  17. The only way for you to know this is to experiment.
  18. #18 findme, Jul 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 5, 2010
    I guess we just have different experiences. all the females i been with taste the same.

    on another note, if someone here has sucked a dick that tasted sweeter than another dick, then something is seriously wrong there.

  19. ok u caught me:)
    im the gayest dude alive!
  20. Bottem line, no dick tastes good right?

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