DNA Genetics?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokexbreak, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Any one grown DNA genetics? If so what your thoughts?
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  2. Never had a problem with DNA in over a decade..Kosher still some of the best fire I've ever grown
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    ok have done about 6 of them no problems. i no longer deal with them. there is 1 other breeder i like even more my personal favorite . Zambeza Seeds - Bonza Seedbank check out white cheese . zambeza strand omg its totally different from any kind i have seen from the smell it was so strange strong totally different and the buzz holy fuck !!! everybody loved it party favorite we smoked it for 2 days straight day and night lol even walking into the party room you got a buzz .. look @ the white cheese only 50 days of flower. zambeza what ever it says it takes for flower its done no waiting 10 or 12 weeks . i am not a sales men. i just very impressed with with zambeza
    at least try 1 . around here we have done ever strand on the planet always comes down to a few favorites
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  4. Good to hear! I appreciate the feedback
  5. I’ll definitely check them out! I appreciate it!
  6. DNA are usually bad ass brother, whatve u got in mind?
  7. I’m not sure quite yet found a really good seedbank that’s got some god deals on them.

    The kushberry caught my eye.

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  8. Holy Grail

    Wicked strains.
  9. I was looking at both of those as well!
    I like the 65$ price point for 6 beans
  10. 24kt also, got the tangie in there... we all know how good tangie is
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  11. It’s in my list of to grows. Never grown the Tangie before.
  12. Oh bro, get that shit ordered and drop it, one of the most tastiest flower i ever smoked.
  13. That’s what I’ve heard. Looks like I’ll be snagging it in my next order
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  14. Cheese is just such a good strain, definitely up there with the best to come out of the UK.
    Nothing else like it imo

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  15. And hell yea to tangie!

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  16. @Smokexbreak is that a good seedbank? Maine clone company? Do they take CC?

  17. I use them regularly for ethos genetics. They use Venmo. Idk about CC. Haven’t had an issue and they get here quick.

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